Geoffrey Hutchison

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Department of Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh
Ph.D., Chemistry, Northwestern University, 2004

Our group develops new materials, as well as microscale and nanoscale functional devices literally from the bottom up. We focus on building electronic materials from molecular subunits, both organic and inorganic, using a variety of techniques to rationally design the desired properties. This encompasses chemical synthesis, characterization (both physical and chemical), combined with theoretical modeling and simulation.

Our group combines experimental and computational investigations to gain deep understanding of organic electronic materials.  The bottom line is to efficiently design novel molecular materials with improved properties.  Below are three areas we are currently studying in our lab.

1. Designer defects

2. Single-molecule piezoelectric springs

3. Organic solar cells


Most Cited Publications: 
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Recent Publications: 
  1. "A sobering assessment of small-molecule force field methods for low energy conformer predictions," IIana Y. Kanal, John A. Keith, Geoffrey R. Hutchison,International Journal of Quantum Chemistry (2017)
  2. "Interplay Among Sequence, Folding Propensity, and BioPiezoelectric Response in Short Peptides and Peptoids," Christopher W Marvin, Haley M. Grimm, Nathaniel C. Miller, W. Seth Horne, and Geoffrey R Hutchison, J. Phys. Chem. B (2017)
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  6. "Rapid Computational Optimization of Molecular Properties using Genetic Algorithms: Searching Across Millions of Compounds for Organic Photovoltaic Materials," Ilana Y. Kanal, Geoffrey R. HutchisonarXiv:1707.02949

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