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About the Pittsburgh Quantum Institute

Quantum mechanics lies at the core of many of today's technologies as well as ongoing scientific discoveries and future innovations. An increasing number of advances in quantum research is paving the way for potential applications, and the need for research in all the quantum disciplines is ever growing. As a community of scientists, we believe that our strength will not only reside in our number, but also in our diversity.

At the Pittsburgh Quantum Institute, we bring together faculty and resources in a single infrastructure to further our mission statement, which is to “help unify and promote quantum science and engineering in the Pittsburgh area”. PQI members have faculty appointments from Carnegie Mellon University, Duquesne University, and the University of Pittsburgh in physics, chemistry, and engineering disciplines, and currently consists of 60 professors and their groups, a number that keeps growing every year with faculty appointments in the various departments of the member institutions.

On this site you can find research profiles of PQI members, read about their latest achievements, learn about PQI seminars and other events, and find connections to related centers in the Pittsburgh area, including the Center for Simulation and Modeling, the Peterson Institute for Nanoscience and Engineering (PINSE), and the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC).

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Pittsburgh Quantum Institute
B4 Thaw Hall, 4061 O'Hara St. Pittsburgh PA 15260

PQI 2017 Annual Report



  • Jeremy Levy

Executive Co-Directors:

  • Leena Aggarwal
  • Burcu Ozden

Executive Board:

  • Theodore Corcovilos
  • Andrew Daley
  • Randy Feenstra
  • Susan Fullerton
  • Peyman Givi
  • Ken Jordan
  • Daniel Lambrecht
  • David Pekker
  • Hrvoje Petek
  • Marek Skowronski
  • William Stanchina
  • David Waldeck
  • Di Xiao