Poster Award Winners

Every year, PQI holds two poster session for its students. The spring poster session is held during the annual event of the Pittsburgh Quantum Institute, PQI20XX, while the fall poster session happens during the science fair organized by the University of Pittsburgh. Prizes, such as travel awards and tech gadgets, are awarded to the best poster presentations.
PQI takes care of the entire process: we will print your poster and set them up for you; all we ask is that you participate!
All PQI students, undergrads, grads, and postdocs, from all three universities are encouraged to present a poster. The poster sessions are a great opportunity for students to present their work and to mingle with their PQI peers, especially from different departments and universities.
This exercise is also a means of fine tuning those presentation and communication skills. Also, recently, PQI postdocs or PQI students who have previously won a poster award, were given the opportunity to be on the other side and be a poster judge. As a poster presenter or poster judge, it is participating that counts!

Also visit our Award Winners page for more information about the students who have won PQI GSR or poster awards.

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