2018 Conference on Materials for Quantum Computing (Day 1/4)

Who: Multiple Speakers
Tuesday, October 30, 2018 - 8:00am to 5:00pm
University Club Ballroom B (second floor)
123 University Pl, Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Morning Session Chair: Roger Mong, University of Pittsburgh

9:05 Jay Sau, University of Maryland. Transport and Josephson response signatures of Andreev versus Majorana states

9:45 Vlad Pribiag, University of Minnesota. Magneto-transport in ballistic InSb nanowires with ferromagnetic contacts 

10:55 David Cobden, University of Washington. Topological, superconducting, ferroelectric and magnetic phenomena in thin WTe2

11:35 Felix von Oppen, FU Berlin. Quantum Computation with Majorana fermion codes

12:15 Lunch Break

Afternoon Session Chair: Stevan Nadj-Perge, Caltech

2:00 Roman Lutchyn, Microsoft Station Q. Fractional Josephson Effect in Number-Conserving Systems

2:40 Sebastien Plissard, LAAS CNRS Toulouse. Defect-free and composition controlled BiSb nanostructures for quantum computing

3:20 Coffee Break

4:00 Poster Session


Scope: Materials science and device physics in semiconductor-superconductor heterostructures, van der Waals materials, superconducting and topological qubits.

Organizing Committee : Sergey Frolov (Pitt), Michael Hatridge (Pitt), Moira Hocevar (Neel), David Pekker (Pitt), Benjamin Hunt (CMU)