To Advance Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing with Quantum Perspectives

Who: Xiayun Zhao, University of Pittsburgh
Thursday, December 12, 2019 - 4:00pm
321 Allen Hall

Additive manufacturing (AM), known as 3D Printing, has given rise to powerful capabilities for converting 3D digital models into physical objects. The valuable features of AM include the ability to build parts with tailored properties for custom applications, the high efficiency of material utilization, and the unprecedented flexibility for fabricating complex or intricated structures that cannot be made by traditional manufacturing processes. 

AM has been over 30 years old since its inception, and yet the technology is still a frontier with unexplored potentials partly due to the lack of fundamental understanding and capable control for the processes. As an essential underpinning to various classical and emerging disciplines, quantum science and engineering is the key to the future advancement of a broad range of fields. How to harness quantum technology to unleash the potentials of AM and to enable precision fabrication for demanding applications? 

In this talk, I will begin with an introduction about our work towards achieving intelligent and precision AM via real-time process measurement and control. Then, I will revisit the key challenges that prevent the realization of high-accuracy, high-precision and high-throughput AM processes, in hope of revealing the possibly relevant areas where “quantum” approaches could come into play to address these critical issues in a disruptive way. I will conclude this talk with a discussion on potential convergence of quantum research and manufacturing development.