Josephson Detection of Multiband Effects in Superconductors

Who: James Williams, University of Maryland
Thursday, January 16, 2020 - 4:00pm
321 Allen Hall

The study of unconventional superconducting materials remains an active frontier of condensed matter physics. Exotic superconductivity, such as high TC, topological, and heavy-fermion superconductors, often rely on phase sensitive measurements to determine the underlying pairing and/or the nature of novel excitations. In this talk I will detail the use of Josephson effect to detect novel properties of two multiband superconducting systems: NbSe2 [1] and SnTe [2]. Focus will primarily be given modification of conventional Josephson effects due to the loss of time reversal symmetry found to exist in proximity-induced Josephson junctions of SnTe nanowires [2]. These works open new routes to exploration of multiband effects in superconductors and have important implications for topological states in superconducting materials. 

[1] S. Tran, J. Sell and J. R. Williams, “Dynamical Josephson Effects in NbSe2”, arXiv:1903.00453 (2019).
[2] C. J. Trimble et al., “Josephson Detection of Time Reversal Symmetry Broken Superconductivity in SnTe Nanowires”, arXiv:1907.04199 (2019).