A look inside the black box of scientific publishing

Who: Dr. Matteo Cavalleri, Chief-Editor at Int. Journal of Quantum Chemistry
Friday, March 15, 2019 - 10:00am
307 Eberly Hall

Publishing the results of one’s research is an integral part of the scientific process, yet scholarly journals are often seen as black boxes by researchers. What happens to a paper after it is submitted? Who is deciding on its fate? What is the role of the journal editor and the editorial office? How does the peer-review process work, and are its core principles still relevant in today’s changing publishing landscape? 
In this talk I will discuss these questions in an attempt to de-mystify the peer review process from an editor's perspective, and provide advice for getting your manuscript published as quickly as possible. The presentation will cover the hows and whys of peer review, what editors and reviewers look for in submissions, how decisions are made and the best ways of responding, and if appealing a negative decision is ever a good idea.