Michael Hatridge, Pitt (Pitt/CMU Colloquium)

Who: Michael Hatridge, University of Pittsburgh
Monday, September 20, 2021 - 3:30pm
102 Thaw Hall or Zoom

Quantum information research with superconducting circuits

Abstract: The long-term objective of quantum information research is to build machines, especially computers, whose internal operations are governed by the rules of quantum, rather than classical, mechanics. Quantum computers, if we can realize them, promise to revolutionize which problems we can solve through computation by exponentially speeding up in the calculation of certain problems.  I will discuss my laboratory’s efforts to build quantum-limited amplifiers based on parametric controls which allow high fidelity readout of quantum bits, a vital component of any quantum computer.  More, we can extend the concept of parametric controls to create coherent interactions among qubits.  I will present our recent results on building a small modular quantum computer based on these ideas.  

Location: 102 Thaw Hall or contact paugrad@pitt.edu for Zoom link