Quantum Day 2019

Who: Quantum Day 2019
Friday, April 12, 2019 - 9:00am
Allen 321

Schedule of Activities

9:30 am: Welcome session (hosted by Jeremy Levy)

9:45 am: Experimental demo (hosted by Gurudev Dutt’s group)

10:15 am: Break & Snacks

10:30 am: Mini Talks

10:30 am: Mini talk 1, David Waldeck

10:45 am: Mini talk 2, Sean Garrett-Roe

11:00 am: Mini talk 3, Thomas Purdy

11:15 am: Mini talk 4, David Pekker

11:30 am: Panel discussion and Lunch with Faculty members [Peng Liu, Roger Mong, Susan Fullerton, David Pekker, Geoff Hutchison] and members from Society of Physics Students (SPS). Lunch will be provided.

12:45 pm: Lab Tours

Group 1:

Benedum Hall

Susan Fullerton (12:50pm-1:10pm)

Allen Hall

Jeremy Levy (1:15pm-1:35pm), Sergey Frolov (1:35pm -1:55pm)

Group 2:

Chevron Science Center

Sunil Kumar Saxena (12:50pm-1:10pm)

Raul Hernandez Sanchez (1:10pm-1:30pm)

Eberly Hall

Sean Garrett-Roe (1:35pm-1:55pm)

1:55 pm: Wrap up

2:00 pm: End of 2019 Quantum Day