Quantum sensing and quantum nanophotonics at ORNL

Who: Benjamin Lawrie, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Thursday, November 21, 2019 - 4:00pm
321 Allen Hall

Two-mode squeezed light sources exhibiting continuous variable entanglement allow us to reduce the noise floor in optically transduced sensors below the standard quantum limit, enabling greater signal to noise ratios than are possible in the best possible classical sensors.  I will present some of our recent results demonstrating quantum enhanced sensitivity for applications ranging from magnetometry to plasmonic sensing to atomic force microscopy. I will also discuss some of our recent research efforts exploring quantum nanophotonics with plasmonic nanostructures and single photon emitters in low-dimensional materials.  I will close with a summary of our new research programs centering on nano- and mesoscale characterization of quasiparticle, vortex, and two-level-system interactions with light in superconducting quantum devices.