Spin physics in graphene nanostructures

Who: Thomas Frederiksen, Donostia International Physics Center
Friday, December 10, 2021 - 11:30am

A GNR Qubit MURI Seminar

11:30a-11:35a General discussion and introductions
11:35a-11:40a Intro to MURI team and concept (Levy)
11:40a-11:50a Blitz talk #1 Davis Welakuh Mbangheku
11:50a-12:00p Blitz talk #2 Erin Sheridan
12:00p-12:50p Thomas Frederiksen talk
12:50p-1:00p Discussion and wrap up

Title: Spin physics in graphene nanostructures


Atomic-scale control over size, shape, and composition of graphenenanostructures has become a reality through on-surface synthesiswhereby suitably designed precursor molecules are assembled andreacted on a metal substrate under vacuum conditions. This has led to therealization of fascinating open-shell nanographenes and nanoribbons withinteresting topological, magnetic, and electron transport properties.

In this talk I will discuss our theoretical contributions to understandemerging π-magnetism observed experimentally by scanning tunnelingmicroscopy (STM) in a range of graphene nanostructures [1-6]. Theemergence of localized electron spins in these structures appear aspromising candidates for applications in quantum technologies, providedthat the interaction with their environment can be controlled. Here I willmention our efforts to characterize (i) electron spin coherence in thepresence of hyperfine coupling to nuclear spins and (ii) electron beamsplitting and spin transport in multi-terminal devices composed of crossedgraphene nanoribbons [7-8].

This work is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 researchand innovation programme under grant agreement no 863098 (SPRING)and the Spanish AEI (grant no PID2020-115406GB-I00)