Vikesh Siddhu (Carnegie Mellon University)

Who: Vikesh Siddhu , Carnegie Mellon University
Thursday, February 11, 2021 - 4:00pm

Entanglement lies at the root of quantum theory. It is a remarkable resource that is generally believed to diminish when entangled systems interact with their environment. On the contrary, we find that engaging a system with its environment increases its ability to retain entanglement. The maximum rate of retaining entanglement is given by the quantum channel capacity. We counter-intuitively boost the quantum capacity of a channel by allowing it to leak almost all quantum information to the channel's environment. This boost exploits two-letter level non-additivity in the channel's coherent information. The resulting non-additivity has a far larger magnitude and a qualitatively wider extent than previously known. Our findings have a surprising implication for quantum key distribution: maximum rates for key distribution can be boosted by allowing leakage of information to the eavesdropping environment.