Women in Quantum Science and Engineering Lecture Series: Jill Millstone

Who: Jill Millstone, University of Pittsburgh
Tuesday, April 18, 2017 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
Eberly Hall 307

Upcoming Talk: Tuesday, April 18 at 11:00 a.m.

Year of Diversity at PQI

The Year of Diversity at Pitt

Last April, Provost Patricia E. Beeson announced in her closing remarks at the Senate plenary session that the upcoming academic year will be the Year of Diversity at Pitt. “It’s going to be a year that we’re going to celebrate difference; a year when we’re going to engage in conversations about difference: about cultural difference, academic difference and political differences,” she said. The Office of the Provost has therefore offered opportunity and support to organize various events to celebrate diversity in academia. At the Pittsburgh Quantum Institute (PQI), we decided to celebrate Women in Quantum Science and Engineering: outstanding researchers dedicated to furthering different fields of physics, chemistry, and engineering, and who happen to be strong, brilliant, empowering women.

Women in Quantum Science and Engineering

Women you said? Yes, in the field of Quantum Science and Engineering—as in most STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields, women are a resonating minority. Even at PQI, out of our seventy members, only ten faculty members are female, which accounts for a mere 14% of the membership. To overcome this gender imbalance, it is important to convince more women—as well as other underrepresented students—to pursue majors and careers in Quantum Science and Engineering. This may be achieved by giving the opportunity to established women scientists to share their experience with the local student community. The mission statement of the Pittsburgh Quantum Institute is to help unify and promote Quantum Science and Engineering in Pittsburgh. Within the framework of the Year of Diversity, we therefore propose that the efforts to fulfill this mission be directed by and for the community of Women in Quantum Science and Engineering.

A Lecture Series

PQI is therefore organizing a Lecture Series, with four local speakers and PQI members from the Departments of Physics, Chemistry, and Chemical Engineering at Pitt, as well as from the Department of Materials Science at CMU. Four additional speakers have been carefully chosen for both their scientific achievements and their involvement in bridging the diversity gap in STEM. They will all give colloquium-style talks throughout the Spring semester of 2017. Spread the word, and encourage your peers or students to attend. Although we are celebrating diversity in gender, we encourage the participation of all minorities in our events! These events not only ties in the Year of Diversity, but also fulfills PQI’s mission statement by providing the opportunity to personally meet strong female role models, which may broaden the perceived perspectives in Quantum Science and Engineering.


Biography: Jill Millstone

Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh
Dr. Jill E. Millstone received her B.S. in Chemistry and English from Carnegie Mellon University working with Richard D. McCullough, and completed her Ph. D. in Materials Chemistry at Northwestern University under the direction of Chad A. Mirkin. She studied charge transfer in organic-inorganic photovoltaics as post-doctoral researcher at the University of California, Berkeley in the laboratories of Jean M. J. Fréchet and A. Paul Alivisatos. In 2011, she joined the Chemistry Department at the University of Pittsburgh, where she has received awards including the National Science Foundation CAREER Award, the ACS Unilever Award and the Cottrell Research Scholar Award. She is also a member of the editorial advisory board of ACS Nano, beginning January 2016. Her group studies the chemical mechanisms underpinning metal nanoparticle synthesis, surface chemistry, and optoelectronic behaviors. She acted as a mentor and instructor at the Cottrell Scholar Collaborative supported workshop for new faculty as well as a mentor at the Global Young Academy Women in Science Leadership Initiative, the first workshop hosted by the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) in the fall of 2016.


Impact of Surface Chemistry in Multimetallic Nanoparticle Synthesis and Performance

Metal-ligand chemistry impacts nearly every aspect of nanoparticle formation, physical properties, and utility. We develop methods to study and leverage these interactions to produce highly tailored multimetallic nanoparticles with dimensions spanning the nanoscale (1-100 nm). Here, we discuss how metal-ligand interactions may be used to mediate the incorporation and distribution of metals in and on discrete, colloidal nanoparticle substrates, as well as their optoelectronic properties once formed. In particular, we demonstrate that nanoparticle ligand chemistry may be used to access previously unobserved mixtures of metals such as continuously tunable Au-Co composition ratios, unique distributions of metals at the surface of a colloidal particle, as well as composition-tunable optoelectronic features. Underpinning these studies are the development of analytical techniques to quantitatively track and ultimately tune the surface chemistry of these nanoparticles in order to create translational insights into the role of nanoparticle surface chemistry in their performance downstream. Together, these results provide mechanistic platforms for the development of nanoscale alloys and other bimetallic structures that we demonstrate are promising for a wide variety of applications ranging from light-driven catalysis to multimodal bioimaging.

Women in Quantum Science and Engineering Lecture Series

All talks are held at 11:00 a.m. and are open to the public.
Susan Fullerton (University of Pittsburgh)
Tuesday, February 7, O'Hara Student Center

Jeanie Lau (Ohio State University)
Tuesday, February 28, Allen Hall 321

Laura Greene (Florida State University)
Tuesday, March 7, Allen Hall 321

Noa Marom (Carnegie Mellon University)
Tuesday, March 21, Allen Hall 321

Nicole Benedek (Cornell University)
Wednesday, April 5, Benedum Hall 102

Anastassia Alexandrova (University of California Los Angeles)
Tuesday, April 11, Eberly Hall 307

Jill Millstone (University of Pittsburgh)
Tuesday, April 18, Eberly Hall 307