Funding Opportunities

  • We are a newly established group at UCLA led by Prof. Clarice D. Aiello. Our mission is to establish the extent to which quantum mechanics accounts for biologically relevant phenomena, and can be manipulated to technological and therapeutic advantage. 

    Experiments suggest that nontrivial quantum mechanical effects involving spin might underlie biologically relevant phenomena as varied as magnetic field detection for animal navigation, metabolic regulation in cells and optimal... Read More

    Deadline: Wednesday, June 16, 2021

  • Applications are invited for a postdoctoral position at the Quantum Computing and Optimization Laboratory (QCOL), Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) Department, Lehigh University, as part of a recently awarded $2.1 million DARPA grant for research in optimization with Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum... Read More

    Deadline: Friday, May 1, 2020

  • Dr. Monica Allen (physics, UCSD) is seeking two postdoctoral fellows to lead a new microwave impedance microscopy effort that would image quantum devices at temperatures down to 10 mK. Topics of interest include 2D materials, topological states of matter, and imaging of Majorana modes in devices.Read More

    Deadline: Tuesday, March 31, 2020

  • Microsoft is looking for exceptional candidates for 12-week internships in engineering tasks such as tools development and programming. Positions are available beginning in spring/summer/fall of 2020. Read more and apply here.

    During the 12-week internship, students are paired with mentors and expected to collaborate with other interns and researchers, present findings, and... Read More

    Deadline: Friday, January 31, 2020

  • Microsoft is seeking exceptional candidates for 12-week internships in research areas such as quantum algorithms and quantum fault-tolerance. Positions are available beginning in spring/summer/fall of 2020. Read more and apply here.

    For research internships, they are seeking candidates with strong background in areas such as quantum algorithms, machine learning and... Read More

    Deadline: Friday, January 31, 2020

  • The Department of Physics and Materials Science at the University of Memphis, Memphis, TN, USA, is seeking highly qualified individuals for a tenure-track faculty position, at the Assistant Professor level, in the field of Quantum Physics to begin in Fall 2020. The department offers BS and MS programs in physics, with various concentrations, and a joint PhD program in Engineering Physics with the Herff College of Engineering. The current faculty members of the department are actively engaged... Read More

    Deadline: Friday, December 20, 2019

  • The ECE Department ( at the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) invites applications for two tenure-stream (TS) positions as Assistant Professor in the field of computer engineering, with one in computing, sensing, and electronics for aerospace systems, or reconfigurable and high-performance computing, and the other in neuromorphic computing, or quantum computing, or embedded computing and sensing in medical... Read More

    Deadline: Monday, January 20, 2020

  • Apply here

    Quantum information science (QIS)—the ability to exploit intricate quantum mechanical phenomena to create fundamentally new ways of obtaining and processing information—is at the threshold of a revolution. The rapid progress in this field promises profound... Read More

    Deadline: Friday, July 5, 2019

  • The DOE SC program in Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) hereby announces its interest in receiving applications from large multi-disciplinary teams (requesting support of more than $2 million per year) with the potential to dramatically accelerate research in quantum computing (QC). This FOA solicits applications for Accelerated Research in Quantum Computing (ARQC) Teams that will adopt a holistic and disciplined approach to address basic research gaps in the abstractions,... Read More

    Deadline: Friday, May 31, 2019

  • Research to be supported by this program will include, among other potential efforts, the use of quantum computing to solve important fusion and plasma science problems; the development of quantum sensing approaches that can enhance diagnostic capabilities for plasma and fusion science; and the application of high energy density laboratory plasmas to develop novel quantum materials at ultra-high pressures.

    Universities, nonprofits, private sector companies, and DOE national... Read More

    Deadline: Thursday, May 9, 2019


At Pitt, CMU, and Duquesne, the respective Offices of Research are charged with assisting faculty, staff, and students in their efforts to promote and secure sponsored research funding.
The Offices provide overall research administration and policy for all colleges and schools, and faculty and staff can contact them for resources and procedural information.

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