Charles E. Kaufman Foundation Award


Investigators whose primary appointment is at an Institution of higher education in Pennsylvania.  Applicants must be United States citizens or lawful permanent residents by the time of the LOI deadline.


Deadline Details: 

The deadline for the initial Letter of Intent is Friday, January 27, 2017.  Please forward any questions to or 412-394-2617.

Full applications must be received by April 27, 2017.

The Charles E. Kaufman Foundation of The Pittsburgh Foundation will award annual research grants in 2017 to researchers at Pennsylvania universities to carry out fundamental research in the areas of biology, chemistry, and physics. 

Grant programs include:

 New Investigator Research Grants – Up to six awards at a maximum of $150,000 for two years ($75,000 per year).
The goal of the New Investigator Research Grants is to provide research support for innovative basic scientists in Pennsylvania as they transition into an academic position as a new independent investigator. Faculty must have a full-time tenure track appointment at the rank of assistant or associate professor without tenure. Applicants must have received a higher degree (Ph.D. or equivalent) within the past eight years or after 1/1/2009.

Preference will be given to investigators who have yet to receive a major research award from sources outside of his/her institution while in their current position. In the LOI, investigators must include information on current funding and proposals pending from sources outside of his/her institution. Include: the source name, the project title, the role of the investigator, start and end dates, and the amount.  Please also include a number indicating the total amount of annual external support. Investigators who progress to the full proposal stage and who are awarded major support after the LOI deadline must disclose the award details to The Kaufman Foundation.

New Initiative Research Grants – Up to four awards at a maximum of $300,000 for two years ($150,000 per year).
The goal of the New Initiative Research Grants is to stimulate existing investigators with strong records of research accomplishments to establish collaborations that facilitate innovative interdisciplinary approaches towards a common research question and that require expertise beyond that of any single researcher. Investigators must have a full-time tenured or tenure-track appointment.