Electronics, Photonics and Magnetic Devices



Areas managed by Program Directors (please contact Program Directors listed in the EPMD staff directory for areas of interest): 

Electronic Devices 

- Nanoelectronics 
- Wide/Extreme- and Narrow-Bandgap, Semiconductor Devices 
- Devices with New Functionalities based on Material-Device Interactions and Reliability 
- Device-Related Electromagnetic Effects, Propagation and Scattering 
- Microwave/mm-Wave/THz Devices 
- Flexible, Printed Electronics 
- Carbon-based Electronics 
- Thermoelectric and Ferroelectric Devices 

Photonic Devices 

- Advanced Optical Emitters and Photodetectors, from Extreme UV to THz 
- Single-Photon Quantum Devices 
- Nonlinear and Ultrafast Photonics 
- Nanophotonics and Photonic Integration 
- Optical Imaging and Sensing Techniques 
- Opto-Mechanical Nanodevices 
Optical Communication Components 

Magnetic Devices 

- Biomagnetic Devices 
- Nanomagnetic and Quantum Devices 
- Spin Electronics for Next Generation of Logic and Memories 


- 2D Material Devices and Circuits 
- Devices based on Paper Electronics 
- Bioelectronic Devices 
- Photovoltaic and Energy Harvesting Devices 
- Metamaterial and Plasmonic-Based Devices 
- Sensor Device Technologies 

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