J Evans Attwell Welch Postdoctoral Fellowship


PhD or other Doctoral Degree

Applicants must have a recognized PhD or equivalent in chemistry, physics, biochemistry, cell biology, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, or materials science, and have a broad-based interest in nanoscale science and technology

Relevant research experience

Applicants must contact a faculty member in the Smalley-Curl Institute (SCI) at Rice University. See https://sci.rice.edu/sci-member-researchfor a list of faculty and research areas.

In consultation with an SCI faculty member, the applicant must prepare:

  • Three page (maximum) research proposal in sufficient detail to describe the research problem, the approach and expected outcome, including any anticipated applications
  • Two additional pages of references and figures are allowed. Please use “Other Document”
  • A letter of support (one page) must be provided by the SCI faculty member, expressing approval of the proposed research
  • A CV and three additional letters of recommendation are also required

Douglas Natelson, PI

Email: natelson@rice.edu

Deadline Details: 
Open Date03/21/2018
Close Date07/01/2018

Applicants must be able to complete the appointment within five (5) years of the award of the PhD degree. Since the length of the fellowship is two years, they must be able to start their appointment by the third anniversary dates of their PhD. In addition, if the PhD is pending at the time of application, the applicant must defend his/her PhD thesis successfully before accepting the offer.

The stipend will be $58,000 per year, plus standard staff benefits. Moving expenses to Rice of up to $2,000 will be provided, if needed. Original receipts for all expenses must be provided. No moving expenses will be provided at the end of the fellowship, in keeping with the intent of the fellowship. In addition, a travel fund up to $5,000 per year is included for travel to technical conferences, and for travel essential to the performance of the research. A supplies and minor equipment fund to support the Fellow’s research will also be provided in the amount of up to $10,000 per year.