Open Proposal Research Announcement for HPEM

BACKGROUND The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Directed Energy Directorate (RD), HPEM Division (RDH), located at Kirtland AFB, is the Air Force’s Center of Excellence for research in HPEM technology and functions as the Air Force Material Command’s center for HPEM technology development, acquisition, transformation, and support. The HPEM Division designs, develops and demonstrates advance HPEM technology capability. The vision is that HPEM will be a viable weapons alternative in modern warfare. The HPEM Division’s mission is to lead DoD’s integrated development of HPEM weapon technology. The objective is to make HPEM technology lightweight, affordable, supportable, and effective on the modern battlefield. This program promotes projects, research, scientific studies, or other initiatives providing farsighted, high payoff research and development leading to advances in HPEM science and technology.

b) OBJECTIVE The objective of this effort is to design, develop, and demonstrate HPEM technologies for future HPEM systems by addressing key technical barriers. The goal is to develop HPEM technologies that are lightweight, efficient, affordable, and reliable for warfighter applications. Specific technologies being addressed are based on technical gap analysis of Air Force Core Function roadmaps (publicly releasable gap analysis is available upon request). Technologies and efforts considered are feasibility studies of innovative HPEM applications, military utility assessments, system integration, and demonstration of HPEM capabilities.

c) DESCRIPTION OF THE EFFORT The HPEM Applications research and development effort consist of the following areas: feasibility studies of innovative HPEM applications; integration of disparate technologies for the fielding of new HPEM systems and weapons; identify and quantify useful RF and HPM effects and develop methods of using HPM sources that have a role in future applications of HPEM; system integration; and demonstration of future HPEM capabilities.​


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