Maysam Chamanzar

Department of Electrical Engineering
Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Tech, 2012

The active areas of research are at the interface of Photonics, BioMEMs, and Neuroscience. Using basic principles of physics and advanced engineering techniques, Prof. Chamanzar’s group is designing and implementing novel devices and methods to address outstanding needs in biology and medicine. The main application areas of interest are Neuroscience and Biophotonics. Research on Neuroengineering includes developing next generation multimodal (Acousto-opto-electrical) neural interfaces to understand the neural basis of brain function and realize functional brain-machine interfaces. The Biophotonics front is focused on developing efficient hybrid photonic-plasmonic-fluidic on-chip systems for point of care diagnostics, environmental monitoring, imaging, and spectroscopy. The scope of research encompasses theoretical design and simulation, fabrication and packaging, experimental benchtop characterization, as well as in-vivo, in-vitro, and ex-vivo tests on biological systems.

Most Cited Publications
  1. "Effect of the dielectric constant of the surrounding medium and the substrate on the surface plasmon resonance spectrum and sensitivity factors of highly symmetric systems,"  Mahmoud A Mahmoud, Maysamreza Chamanzar, Ali Adibi, Mostafa A El-Sayed, Journal of the American Chemical Society (2012).
  2. "High resolution on-chip spectroscopy based on miniaturized microdonut resonators," Zhixuan Xia, Ali Asghar Eftekhar, Mohammad Soltani, Babak Momeni, Qing Li, Maysamreza Chamanzar, Siva Yegnanarayanan, Ali Adibi, Optics express (2011).
  3. "Hybrid integrated plasmonic-photonic waveguides for on-chip localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) sensing and spectroscopy," Maysamreza Chamanzar, Zhixuan Xia, Siva Yegnanarayanan, Ali Adibi, Optics express (2013).
  4. "On-chip hybrid photonic–plasmonic light concentrator for nanofocusing in an integrated silicon photonics platform," Ye Luo, Maysamreza Chamanzar, Aniello Apuzzo, Rafael Salas-Montiel, Kim Ngoc Nguyen, Sylvain Blaize, Ali Adibi, Nano letters (2015).
  5. "Hybrid photonic surface-plasmon-polariton ring resonators for sensing applications," M Chamanzar, M Soltani, B Momeni, S Yegnanarayanan, A Adibi, Applied Physics B (2010).
Recent Publications
  1. "Ultrasonically sculpted tunable relay lenses for imaging and photo manipulation through turbid media (Conference Presentation)," Matteo Giuseppe Scopelliti, Daniele Busacchio, Maysamreza Chamanzar, Yasin Karimi, Photons Plus Ultrasound: Imaging and Sensing (2019).
  2. "In situ acousto-optic 3D beam shaping," Yasin Karimi, Matteo Giuseppe Scopelliti, Maysamreza ChamanzarPractical Holography XXXIII: Displays, Materials, and Applications (2019).
  3. "In situ 3D reconfigurable ultrasonically sculpted optical beam paths," Yasin Karimi, Matteo Giuseppe Scopelliti, Ninh Do, Mohammad-Reza Alam, Maysamreza Chamanzar, Optics Express (2019).
  4. "Ultrasonic sculpting of virtual optical waveguides in tissue," Maysamreza Chamanzar, Matteo Giuseppe Scopelliti, Julien Bloch, Ninh Do, Minyoung Huh, Dongjin Seo, Jillian Iafrati, Vikaas S Sohal, Mohammad-Reza Alam, Michel M Maharbiz, Nature communications (2019).
  5. "Flexible Ultra-resolution Subdermal EEG Probes," Zabir Ahmed, Jay Reddy, Kaustubh Deshpande, Ashwati Krishnan, Praveen Venkatesh, Shawn Kelly, Pulkit Grover, Maysamreza ChamanzarIEEE Biomedical Circuits and Systems Conference (BioCAS) (2018).

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