Paul Leu

Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Pittsburgh
Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, 2008

The Laboratory for Advanced Materials at Pittsburgh (LAMP) under the direction of Professor Paul W. Leu, focuses on designing and understanding advanced materials by computational modeling and experimental research. Simulations and experiments are used in a synergistic manner to study the mechanical and electronic properties of nanomaterials and surfaces for various applications.

The goal of LAMP is to design better material systems through a combined modeling and experimental approach. Much in the same way that finite element modeling is now foundational in mechanical engineering design, multiscale and device modeling will become increasingly important in the prediction and understanding of nanomaterial and surface properties. In addition, these techniques can be used as a design tool for evaluating and optimizing various design metrics. Current areas of interest include 

  • Ab initio modeling of nanomaterials and surfaces 
  • Combining physical simulations with optimization methods 
  • Nanomaterial manufacturing and characterization
  • Solar cells
Most Cited Publications
  1. "Nanowire active-matrix circuitry for low-voltage macroscale artificial skin." Kuniharu Takei, Toshitake Takahashi, Johnny C Ho, Hyunhyub Ko, Andrew G Gillies, Paul W Leu, Ronald S Fearing, Ali Javey. Nature materials.
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  3. "Ultrathin compound semiconductor on insulator layers for high-performance nanoscale transistors." Hyunhyub Ko, Kuniharu Takei, Rehan Kapadia, Steven Chuang, Hui Fang, Paul W Leu, Kartik Ganapathi, Elena Plis, Ha Sul Kim, Szu-Ying Chen, Morten Madsen, Alexandra C Ford, Yu-Lun Chueh, Sanjay Krishna, Sayeef Salahuddin, Ali Javey. Nature.
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  5. "Challenges and prospects of nanopillar-based solar cells." Zhiyong Fan, Daniel J Ruebusch, Asghar A Rathore, Rehan Kapadia, Onur Ergen, Paul W Leu, Ali Javey. Nano Research.
Recent Publications
  1. "Parahydrophobicity and stick-slip wetting dynamics of vertically aligned carbon nanotube forests." Ziyu Zhou, Tongchuan Gao, Sean McCarthy, Andrew Kozbial, Susheng Tan, David Pekker, Lei Li, Paul W Leu. Carbon.
  2. "Creating Glasswing-Butterfly Inspired Durable Antifogging Omniphobic Supertransmissive, Superclear Nanostructured Glass Through Bayesian Learning and Optimization." Sajad Haghanifar, Michael McCourt, Bolong Cheng, Jeffrey Wuenschell, Paul Ohodnicki, Paul W Leu. Materials Horizons.
  3. "Stain-Resistant, Superomniphobic Flexible Optical Plastics Based on Nano-Enoki Mushrooms." Sajad Haghanifar, Luke M Tomasovic, Anthony J Galante, David Pekker, Paul W Leu. Journal of Materials Chemistry A.
  4. "Frontside scattering structures for enhanced performance in flexible ultrathin crystalline silicon solar cells." Baomin Wang, Tongchuan Gao, Ziyu Zhou, Bradley Pafchek, Paul W Leu. Journal of Photonics for Energy.
  5. "Flexible nanograss with highest combination of transparency and haze for optoelectronic plastic substrates." Sajad Haghanifar, Rafael T Rodriguez De Vecchis, Ki-Joong Kim, Jeffrey Wuenschell, Sooraj P Sharma, Ping Lu, Paul Ohodnicki, Paul W Leu. Nanotechnology.

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