Peng Liu

Department of Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh
Ph.D., Computational Organic Chemistry, University of California, 2010

Reactivity and Selectivity Rules in Organic and Organometallic Reactions
We are developing computational models to quantitatively describe the origins of reactivity and selectivity in organocatalytic and transition metal-catalyzed reactions. We perform quantum mechanical calculations to explore the reaction mechanism, followed by thorough analysis on various stereoelectronic effects to predict how changes of the catalyst structure, substituents, and solvent affect rate and selectivity. We use quantitative energy decomposition methods to dissect the key interactions in the transition state and provide chemically meaningful interpretation to the computed reactivity and selectivity. We apply these computational studies to a broad range of organic and organometallic reactions, such as C–H and C–C bond activations, coupling reactions, olefin metathesis, and polymerization reactions. 

Catalyst Screening and Prediction
We are developing a multi-scale computational screening protocol which could efficiently rank the catalysts based on ligand-substrate interaction energies in the transition state. 

Applications of Computational Chemistry in Understanding Organic Chemistry
We are collaborating with experimental groups at Pitt and many other institutions to solve problems in organic chemistry using computational methods and programs. Our goal is to establish the most effective strategy to use modern computational methods and hardware to help address the grand challenges in synthetic chemistry. 


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Fang, Cheng Graduate Student
Omer, Humair Graduate Student

Cheng Fang

Graduate Student
219 Parkman Avenue, Pittsburgh PA, 15260


University of Pittsburgh

Humair Omer

Graduate Student
219 Parkman Avenue, Pittsburgh PA, 15260


University of Pittsburgh


Theoretical investigations of Nickel catalyzed C-H functionalization reactions

Most Cited Publications
  1. ​​​​"Computational Explorations of Mechanisms and Ligand-Directed Selectivities of Copper-Catalyzed Ullmann-Type Reactions," Gavin O. Jones, Peng Liu, K. N. Houk and Stephen L. Buchwald, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 132, 6205 (2010)
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Recent Publications
  1. "Cu-Catalyzed Hydroboration of Benzylidenecyclopropanes: Reaction Optimization, (Hetero) Aryl Scope, and Origins of Pathway Selectivity," JM Medina, T Kang, TG Erbay, H Shao, GM Gallego, S Yang, M Tran-Dube, PF Richardson, J Derosa, RT Helsel, RL Patman, F Wang, C Ashcroft, FJ Braganza, I McAlpine, P Liu, and KM Engle.  ChemRxiv (2019)
  2. "Energy Decomposition Analyses Reveal the Origins of Catalys and Nucleophile Effects on Regioselectivity in Nucleopalladation of Alkenes,"  X Qi, DG Kohler, KL Hull, and P LiuJournal of the American Chemical Society (2019)
  3. "Ni-Catalyzed Arylboration of Unactivated Alkenes: Scope and Mechanistic Studies,"  SR Sardini, AL Lambright, GL Trammel, HM Omer, P Liu, and MK Brown.  Journal of the American Chemical Society (2019)
  4. "ß-Selective Aroylation of Activated Alkenes by Photoredox Catalysis,"  Z Lei, A Banerjee, E Kusevska, E Rizzo, P Liu, and MY Ngai.  Angewandte Chemie International Edition 58.22 (2019)
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