Simranjeet Singh

Liquid Group
Department of Physics, Carnegie Mellon University
PhD in Physics, University of Central Florida, 2014

I study magnetism, spin transport and spin dynamics in low dimensional condensed matter systems. We seek to exploit the interplay of charge, spin and valley degrees of freedom in quantum confined systems for developing new methods of spin flux generation, detection and control. Our current focus is to explore the spin physics in two-dimensional materials, topological systems and van der Waals based cross-dimensional synthetic hetero-structures. We employ a wide range of experimental techniques, including: atomically precise assembly of van der Waals material heterostructures, nanodevice fabrication, thin film growth, quantum spin/charge transport, spin-charge interconversion methods, magnetization dynamics, and spin pumping in mesoscopic devices.

Most Cited Publications
  1. "The Effect of Preparation Conditions on Raman and Photoluminescence of Monolayer WS2," Kathleen M. McCreary, Aubrey T. Hanbicki, Simranjeet Singh, Roland K. Kawakami, Glenn G. Jernigan, Masa Ishigami, Amy Ng, Todd H. Brintlinger, Rhonda M. Stroud1 & BerendT. Jonker, Scientific Reports, 6, 35154 (2016).
  2. "Strong Modulation of Spin Currents in Bilayer Graphene by Static and Fluctuating Proximity Exchange Fields," Simranjeet Singh, Jyoti Katoch, Tiancong Zhu, Keng-Yuan Meng, Tianyu Liu, Jack T. Brangham, Fengyuan Yang, Michael E. Flatté, and Roland K. Kawakami, PRL 118, 187201 (2017).
  3. "Dynamic spin injection into chemical vapor deposited graphene," A. K. Patra, S. Singh, B. Barin, Y. Lee, J.-H. Ahn, E. del Barco, E. R. Mucciolo, and B. Özyilmaz, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 101, 162407 (2012).
  4. "Nanosecond spin relaxation times in single layer graphene spin valves with hexagonal boron nitride tunnel barriers," Simranjeet Singh, Jyoti Katoch, Jinsong Xu, Cheng Tan, Tiancong Zhu, Walid Amamou, James Hone, and Roland Kawakami, Appl. Phys. Lett. 109, 122411 (2016).
  5. "Asymmetric Berry-Phase Interference Patterns in a Single-Molecule Magnet," HM Quddusi, J Liu, S Singh, KJ Heroux, E Del Barco, S Hill, and DN Hendrickson.  Physical review letters 106.22 (2011)
Recent Publications
  1. "Spin Inversion in Graphene Spin Valves by Gate-Tunable Magnetic Proximity Effect at One-Dimensional Contacts."  Jinsong Xu, Simranjeet Singh, Jyoti Katoch, Guanzhong Wu, Tiancong Zhu, Igor Zutic, and Roland K Kawakami.  Nature Communications 9.2869 (2018)
  2. "Probing Tunneling Spin Injection into Graphene via Bias Dependence."  Tiancong Zhu, Simranjeet Singh, Jyoti Katoch, Hua Wen, Kirill Belashchenko, Igor Žutić, and Roland K Kawakami.  Phys. Rev. B 98.054412 (2018)
  3. "Giant spin-splitting and gap renormalization driven by trions in single-layer WS2/h-BN heterostructures," Jyoti Katoch , Søren Ulstrup , Roland J. Koch , Simon Moser , Kathleen M. McCreary , Simranjeet Singh, Jinsong Xu, Berend T. Jonker , Roland K. Kawakami , Aaron Bostwick, Eli Rotenberg  and Chris Jozwiak , Nature PhYsics, 14, 355 (2018).
  4. "Imaging spin dynamics in monolayer WS2 by time-resolved Kerr rotation microscop,"y Elizabeth J McCormick, Michael J Newburger, Yunqiu Kelly Luo, Kathleen M McCreary, Simranjeet Singh, Iwan B Martin, Edward J Cichewicz Jr, Berend T Jonker and Roland K Kawakami, 2D Mater. 5, 011010 (2017).
  5. "Strontium Oxide Tunnel Barriers for High Quality Spin Transport and Large Spin Accumulation in Graphene," Simranjeet Singh, Jyoti Katoch, Tiancong Zhu, Ryan J. Wu, Adam S. Ahmed, Walid Amamou, Dongying Wang, K. Andre Mkhoyan, and Roland K. Kawakami, Nano Lett.,17, 7578 (2017).

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