Sridhar R. Tayur

Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University
PhD, Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, Cornell University

The research of the Quantum Computing Group (QCG) at the Tepper School focuses on the creation of radically different types of algorithms to optimize complex large-scale industrial problems startlingly faster, with the ultimate desired outcome of commercialized algorithms that are easily accessible for practical application.

QCG research takes place in three parallel areas:

  • Solving practical problems using novel quantum and quantum-inspired algorithms.
  • Developing robust and efficient processes of translating a mathematical algorithm into physical instructions executed by the hardware — known as compilers — for quantum computers.
  • Understanding and enhancing quantum speedup: how and why speed is increased, and by how much.
Selected Publications: 
  • "A Novel Algebraic Geometry Compiling Framework for Adiabatic Quantum Computations." Raouf Dridi, Hedayat Alghassi, Sridhar TayurarXiv:1810.01440
  • "Graver Bases via Quantum Annealing with Application to Non-Linear Integer Programs." Hedayat Alghassi, Raouf Dridi, Sridhar Tayur. arXiv:1902.04215
  • "Quantum and Quantum-inspired Methods for de novo Discovery of Altered Cancer Pathways." Hedayat Alghassi, Raouf Dridi, A Gordon Robertson, Sridhar Tayur. bioRxiv 845719
  • "Knuth-Bendix Completion Algorithm and Shuffle Algebras For Compiling NISQ Circuits." Raouf Dridi, Hedayat Alghassi, Sridhar TayurarXiv:1905.00129
  • "Enhancing the efficiency of adiabatic quantum computations." Raouf Dridi, Hedayat Alghassi, Sridhar TayurarXiv:1903.01486

Claudio Gomes

Graduate Student
4216 Tepper Building, Pittsburgh PA, 15213


Electrical and Computer Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University


Sustainability, Optimization, Machine Learning

Most Cited Publications
  1. "Value of information in capacitated supply chains." Srinagesh Gavirneni, Roman Kapuscinski, Sridhar TayurManagement Science.
  2. "Quantitative models for supply chain management." Sridhar Tayur, Ram Ganeshan, Michael Magazine. Kluwer.
  3. "Models for supply chains in e-business." Jayashankar M Swaminathan, Sridhar R TayurManagement Science.
  4. "Managing broader product lines through delayed differentiation using vanilla boxes." Jayashankar M Swaminathan, Sridhar R TayurManagement Science.
  5. "Sensitivity analysis for base-stock levels in multiechelon production-inventory systems." Paul Glasserman, Sridhar Tayur. Management Science.
Recent Publications
  1. "Integer programming techniques for minor-embedding in quantum annealers." David E Bernal, Kyle EC Booth, Raouf Dridi, Hedayat Alghassi, Sridhar Tayur, Davide Venturelli. arXiv preprint arXiv:1912.08314.
  2. "The Topology of Mutated Driver Pathways." Raouf Dridi, Hedayat Alghassi, Maen Obeidat, Sridhar TayurarXiv preprint arXiv:1912.00108.
  3. "Online-to-Offline Platform Models." Joseph Xu, Hui Li, Sridhar R Tayur. SSRN 3449744.
  4. "Healthcare operations management: A snapshot of emerging research." Tinglong Dai, Sridhar TayurManufacturing & Service Operations Management.
  5. "GAMA: A Novel Algorithm for Non-Convex Integer Programs." Hedayat Alghassi, Raouf Dridi, Sridhar TayurarXiv preprint arXiv:1907.10930.

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