W. Vincent Liu

Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Pittsburgh
Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, 1999

Dr. Liu is interested in the theory of novel emergent phenomena of quantum condensed matter. He has considerable experience in interacting Bose and Fermi gases of cold atoms, quasi–one–dimensional electronic, charge and/or spin liquids (such as coupled Luttinger liquid models), and quasi 2D strongly correlated electronic systems such as high temperature superconductors. He also has a background in quantum field theory and is interested in all applications of it to condensed matter. His current research focuses on the rapidly developing field of ultra–cold atomic gases, driven largely by many ongoing experiments worldwide.

Selected Publications: 

Ahmet Keles

Postdoctoral Fellow

3941 O'Hara Street, Pittsburgh PA, 15260


University of Pittsburgh
Most Cited Publications
  1. "Interior gap superfluidity" WV Liu, F Wilczek - Physical review letters, 2003 - APS
  2. "Stability criteria for breached-pair superfluidity" MMN Forbes, E Gubankova, WV Liu, F Wilczek - Physical review letters, 2005 - APS
  3. "Atomic matter of nonzero-momentum Bose-Einstein condensation and orbital current order" WV Liu, C Wu - Physical Review A, 2006 - APS
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  5. "Topological semimetal in a fermionic optical lattice" K Sun, WV Liu, A Hemmerich, SD Sarma - Nature Physics, 2012 - nature.com
Recent Publications
  1. "Clean Floquet Time Crystals: Models and Realizations in Cold Atoms."     Huang, B., Wu, Y.-H., Liu, W.V. Physical Review Letters 120(11), 110603 (2018).
  2. "Odd-parity topological superfluidity for fermions in a bond-centered square optical lattice." optical lattice    Xu, Z.-F., Hemmerich, A., Liu, W.V. Physical Review A 96(5), 053607 (2017).
  3. "Frustrated Magnetism of Dipolar Molecules on a Square Optical Lattice: Prediction of a Quantum Paramagnetic Ground State." Zou, H., Zhao, E., Liu, W.V. Physical Review Letters 119(5) 050401 (2017).
  4. "Effective theory of interating fermions in shaken square optical lattices." Keleş, A., Zhao, E., Liu, W.V. Physical Review A 95(6) 063619 (2017).
  5. "Physics of higher orbital bands in optical lattices: A review." Li, X., Liu, W.V. Reports on Progress in Physics 79(11) 116401 (2016).

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