APS Topical Group on Quantum Information Becomes Division of Quantum Information

  • By Aude Marjolin
  • 5 May 2017

The Topical Group on Quantum Information has officially become the Division of Quantum Information.


The mission of the Topical Group on Quantum Information is to promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge concerning the physics of quantum information, computing, fundamental concepts, and foundations. The Topical Group will serve as a focus for theoretical and experimental research in these and related areas. Research topics of direct interest include quantum entanglement, quantum communication, quantum cryptography, quantum algorithms and simulations, physical implementations of qubits, quantum error correction, fault-tolerant quantum computation, quantum measurements, open quantum systems, quantum coherence, control of quantum dynamics, the quantum-classical correspondence, and the conceptual and mathematical foundations of quantum theory.

Quantum information science poses new questions and challenges for many areas of theoretical and experimental physics and provides new tools for application throughout physics. Examples include the ability to control and manipulate individual quantum systems, both in atomic physics and the physics of nanosystems, the study of quantum phase transitions, methods for efficient classical simulation of quantum systems, the black-hole information paradox, and quantum gravity. Research in all areas of information physics can benefit from and contribute to advances in quantum information science. The Division welcomes the participation of all physicists who bring an information-theoretic perspective to physics questions and problems.

The Division recognizes a special role for foundational research, which helps to illuminate the difficult and profound issues that lie at the core of quantum theory. The Division is committed to serving as the home within the American Physical Society for researchers in the foundations of quantum mechanics. The Division will promote a continuation of the active and beneficial exchange of ideas between quantum foundations and quantum information science.


For more information, visit GQI’s official APS-based website. If you are already a member of the American Physical Society, you can join the Topical Group on Quantum Information here, and find out how to join the American Physical Society here.

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