Google Quantum-Hardware Lab Visit!

  • By Leena Aggarwal
  • 16 March 2018

PQI always assists to organize an educational and informative visit in the development of Quantum Science, encouraging the collaborations between various industry and academia.

On March 9th, 2018, four students and one postdoc from University of Pittsburgh were invited to visit Google Quantum-Hardware lab at UC Santa Barbara which was organized by PQI. Eric Ostby and Pedram Roushan, Research Scientists at Google were helped us to arrange this visit.

Google's research team do work hard to build a quantum computer which will be millions of times more powerful than today’s supercomputers. Such visit helps to initiate more academic people to get involved in such projects, playing a hub role for quantum technologies.

During this visit, students and posdocs got chance to see various Quantum labs and interact with Google team members. They interacted with many research scientist, working on the development of a fully functional quantum computer. They enjoyed the well-organized labs, instruments, and the way Google scientists tackle the challenging problems in Computer science and related fields. They attended the presentation and discussed the Quantum projects and experiments.

This visit helped students to know more about funding and resources available at Google and also what are the basics ideas and directions in quantum technologies. The tour provided an opportunity to explore potential opportunities for employment and collaboration in both the short and long term.

There are many exciting experiences shared by students after visiting Google Labs. 


Megan: “Visiting google quantum was a great opportunity.  They are doing very exciting research and it was great to meet some of the team members and hear about how the lab operates.The lab space itself was very impressive and it was interesting to see the cutting edge equipment they are developing and the real progress they are making in quantum computation."




Lu Chen: “It was such a wonderful experience! I want to thank the PQI for organizing and the Google quantum computing lab for hosting this visit. Quantum computer is definitely a growing hot topic nowadays. New milestones have been reached every couple of months in the past year. Just last week, Google announced a 72-quibit system during the APS March Meeting, bringing quantum computing one more step closer to the “quantum supremacy”. During the visit, I was amazed by their well-organized lab, sophisticated instruments, and ingenious device designs. But what impressed me most, and will inspire me even many years after this visit, was the passion and dedication of researchers there. I can see the light in their eyes when they talk about their work.”




Azarin: “In general, they have a really clean and neat lab in Google. Of course, they did a really careful cleaning before we went there but still, it was really well organized. One of the interesting features in their lab was that they had their dilution fridges color coded and each fridge was a unique color. All the people were extremely friendly and answered most of our questions with care and details.”