Jill E. Millstone Won the 2019 Greater Pittsburgh Women Chemists Committee (WCC) Award for Career Excellence in the Chemical Sciences

  • By Huiling Shao
  • 30 April 2019

Jill Millstone is the 2019 recipient of the Award for Career Excellence in the Chemical Sciences from the Pittsburgh Women Chemists Committee. This award recognizes the achievements of female chemists and chemical engineers in the greater Pittsburgh area who have a record of accomplishment in their field.

The Millstone group works to develop new tools and new insights for nanoparticle synthesis, that allow us to realize this structural control from the bottom-up, ultimately producing nanostructures that incorporate optical, electronic, mechanical, and self-assembly demands into a single nanoparticle architecture.  This work is designed to provide not only significant insight into nanoscale reactions and particle properties, but also generate highly tailored material platforms that, together, will allow us to accelerate the translation of nanoparticles into society-shaping technologies. 

Congratulations Jill!

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