New Opportunity for PQI Students: PQI Liaisons

  • By Jenny Stein
  • 6 May 2020

PQI is amassing an army of liaisons (one student/postdoc contact from each advisor's group) because we want to highlight the successes of our PQI members and improve the resources we offer - and that requires member feedback and communication. PQI Liaisons act as a direct link between the labs and PQI to ensure that we feature the latest exciting news and accomplishments from our members and that we can provide more personalized support for your needs.

This is especially important in lieu of our social hours where we would normally mingle and socialize with you in-person over tasty treats at our office. Pictured to the left are your friendly PQI Director, Jeremy Levy (middle), and Executive Co-Directors, Jenny Stein (left) and Ke Xu (right). PQI Administrator, Barbara DelRaso, is not pictured because she works harder than the rest of us just taking it easy during last year's Ice Cream Social.

If someone in your group would like to fill this role, which is compensated with PQubits, please reach out to us at or