Quantum2020 on Thursday, Oct. 29th

  • By Jenny Stein
  • 27 October 2020

We invite the PQI community to attend Quantum2020 “Spooky Action at a Distance - a Remote Poster Session”  that takes place October 29th, 2020 from 3-5:15 PM over 2 sessions (Session A 3PM-4PM, Session B 4:15PM-5:15PM). View the poster gallery and schedule at qr.pqi.org/quantum2020galllery!

This is an interdisciplinary event with a focus on quantum science and engineering! We are encouraging the participants to make their presentation accessible to a broad audience to foster potential collaborations and lessen communication barriers that may exist between different fields.

Presentations from PQI students and postdocs will keep the community updated on the recent progress of research groups and give participants the chance to compete for presentation awards.

Each participant will have 3 minutes to present their poster, and will answer questions from judges for another 3 minutes. Audience members are welcome to join and watch the presentations. Zoom information and the schedule will be shared soon - check pqi.org/quantum2020 for all updates.