Roger Mong and Jacob Tevis received NSF career award

  • By Huiling Shao
  • 8 January 2019

Roger Mong and Jacob Tevis were recognized by the National Science Foundation CAREER award.

Roger Mong aims to develop and study a wide collection of quantum phenomena that may be used in the next step of the quantum revolution. The goal of his project is to study how quantum behavior can survive beyond the microscopic regime. Roger Mong and his team will look for ways in which fundamental particles, such as electrons, can be bound together similarly to how atoms form molecules. Conversely, he will also seek ways in which electrons can fractionalize, i.e., behave collectively as if they were split up into multiple particles. Crucial to this research is understanding how particles interact with one another.

Tevis Jacobs’ research seeks to enable the rational design of new and better stabilizing support materials by elucidating the dependence of particle coarsening on the supporting surface structure. His investigation will develop new approaches to measure the attachment and stability of nanoparticles on well-defined surfaces under various conditions, enabling the rational engineering of surfaces to optimize the performance and lifetime of the nanoparticles. Ultimately, more stable nanoparticles will lead to significant advances in human and environmental health, clean energy, and more efficient manufacturing.

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