Workshop on 2D Quantum Metamaterials

  • By Leena Aggarwal
  • 8 January 2018

The workshop on 2D Quantum Metamaterials is dedicated to the commonalities between fabrication, theoretical prediction, and alternative approaches to tunable quantum materials, including cold-atom realizations. Theoretical efforts served by this new simulation platform include Hubbard model systems, design of 2D materials, and other exotic materials.The goal of the workshop is to develop a roadmap for practitioners and funders in this burgeoning field. The interested parties as well as program managers are invited from federal agencies to attend and lend their expertise and insights.

The workshop will be organized around:

1. all-invited talks by leading researchers

2. breakout sessions for discussions and future plan

3. published Workshop Summary Report

See the Registration page for more details.

Student and Post Doc Support: In order to encourge student and Post Doc to participate at the workshop they will cover at least the air fare for any domestic student or Post Doc and $400 towards the airfare for international students and Post Docs.  

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