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Our signature PQI event will cover a broad range of research being performed in quantum science and engineering, and will feature prominent invited keynote lecturers, as well as highlighting current research in the PQI. All of the talks will be colloquium-style, and accessible to a broad range of people in quantum-related fields.

2D Materials, Phenomena and Devices

Quantum Chemistry

Novel Quantum Phases of Matter

Light-Matter Interactions

Quantum Gases

Single-Molecule Systems

Quantum Computation and Simulation

Quantum Theory

Public Lecture

Event Agenda

Time Speaker Title
Wednesday April 20  
8:00am   Breakfast
Session   Chair: Di Xiao
9:00am Martin Zwierlein Strongly Interacting Fermi Gases of Atoms and Molecules
9:40am Ben Hunt Quantum Metal and Ising Superconductivity in Two-Dimensional NbSe2


Susan Fullerton Nanoionic Two-Dimensional Memory
10:20am   Coffee Break
Session   Chair: Ken Jordan
11:00am Cyrus Umrigar Quantum Monte Carlo Methods in Chemistry and Physics
11:40am Yang Wang The Green Function Method in Ab Initio Electronic Structure Calculations
12:00pm Daniel Lambrecht Bridging Quantum Mechanics and Chemical Intuition
12:20pm   Lunch
Session Chair: Chair: Hrvoje Petek
2:00pm Nader Engheta Quantum and Classical Features of "Near-Zero" Optics
2:40pm Sean Garrett-Roe Quantum Mechanics at Play in Ionic Liquids
3:00pm Linda Peteanu The Optical Properties of Conjugated Materials and their Aggregates: Towards Imaging of Films and Devices
3:20pm   Coffee Break
Session Chair: Daniel Lambrecht
3:40pm Doug Natelson Heating and Vibrations at the Molecular Scale
4:20pm David Waldeck Chiral Induced Spin Selectivity and its Impact on Electron Transfer in Nanoparticle Assemblies
4:40pm   Coffee Break
5:00pm   Poster Session (view poster list)
Thursday April 21  
8:00am   Breakfast
Session Chair: Andrew Daley
9:00am Xiao-Yang Zhu Many-Body Quantum Coherent Processes in Semiconductors
9:40am David Pekker Emergent Conserved Quantities in Strongly Disordered Matter
10:00am Brian D’Urso A Magneto-Gravitational Trap for Diamond Nanocrystals
10:20am   Coffee Break
Session Chair: David Waldeck
11:00am David Reichman Optical and Excitonic Properties of Two Dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
11:40am Peng Liu Computational Studies of Transition-Metal-Catalyzed Reactions in Organic Synthesis
12:00pm Ken Jordan Using Drude Oscillators to Illustrate the Origin of Dispersion Dipoles and Forces
12:20pm   Lunch
Session Chair: Ben Hunt
2:00pm Huili Grace Xing Process Toward Thin-TFET: A 2D Material Based Tunnel Transistor
2:40pm Vincent Sokalski Energetic Molding of Skyrmion-Like Magnetic Bubbles
3:00pm Randy Feenstra Progress Towards Tunneling Devices Based on Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Materials
3:20pm   Coffee Break
Session Chair Brian D'Urso
3:40pm Andrew Daley Many-Body Entanglement and Novel Dynamics in     Quantum Simulators with AMO Systems
4:20pm Di Xiao Magnon Chirality Hall Effect in Collinear Antiferromagnets
4:40pm   Coffee Break
5:00pm Michel Devoret

Public Lecture: The Quest for the Robust Quantum Bit

7:00pm   Banquet at Phipps Conservatory
Friday April 22  
8:00am   Breakfast
Session Chair: Marek Skowronski
9:00am Yuri Suzuki Emergent Phenomena at a Mott Insulator/Band Insulator Interface
9:40am Jeremy Levy Electron Waveguides at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Interface
10:00am Sangyeop Lee Hydrodynamic Phonon Transport in Suspended Graphene
10:20am   Coffee Break
Session  Chair: Roger Mong
11:00am Liang Fu Majorana Takes Charge: From Teleportation to Quantum Computation
11:40am Steve Cundiff Multidimensional Coherent Photocurrent Spectroscopy of Semiconductor Microcavities
12:20pm   Lunch
Session Chair: Michael Hatridge
2:00pm Raymond Laflamme Experimental Quantum Error Correction
2:40pm Robert Griffiths Where Was the Photon

Schedule also available in Google Calendar and iCal.

Organizating/Program Committee

Ted Corcovilos

Andrew Daley

Randy Feenstra

Peyman Givi

Ken Jordan

George Klinzing

Daniel Lambrecht

Jeremy Levy

David Pekker

Marek Skowronski

William Stanchina

David Waldeck

Di Xiao