Keynote Speakers

Daniel Stamper-Kurn
University of California, Berkeley

Na Young Kim
University of Waterloo

Fred Chong
University of Chicago

Chris Van de Walle
University of California, Santa Barbara

So Hirata
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne

Heather Kulik
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Amir Yacoby
Harvard University

Xiaodong Xu
University of Washington

David Masiello
University of Washington

Moungi Bawendi
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Shiwei Zhang
College of William & Mary

Public Lecture

Scott Aaronson
University of Texas at Austin

Banquet Speaker

Andrew Dotson
New Mexico State University


Paul Lopata
Under Secretary of Defense for Research & Engineering

Tatjana Curcic
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Grace Metcalfe
Air Force Office of Scientific Research

Moderator: Sridhar Tayur
Carnegie Mellon University

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