QUber/QLyft - The Quantum Uber/Lyft by PQI

About QUber/QLyft

QUber/QLyft is a new program initiated by PQI for its annual event in 2016. QUber/QLyft provides PQI students with an opportunity to interact in-depth with a visiting speaker by escorting them to and from the airport. The primary purpose of QUber/QLyft is not to provide transportation. Rather, it is a unique opportunity for students to get to know a distinguished researcher. QUber/QLyft escorts are expected to prepare for the trip by researching the visitor, reading papers, and thinking of questions to ask during the trip.  




Do I need to have a car to participate?

No. You can meet the speaker at the airport (take the 28X for free) and escort them in a Uber/Lyft. If you do have a car and wish to use it to pick up/drop off the visitor, you will be reimbursed $0.555 per mile.


Why be a QUber/QLyft?

Being a QUber/QLyft provides a unique opportunity for a PQI member to spend one-on-one quality time with and get to know a distinguished researcher. Whether you are looking for a postdoc or you simply want to hang out with your intellectual hero, you will have about an hour to learn more about their achievements, talk about your own research, and discuss breakthroughs in your common field.


How to be a QUber?

Simply click on the "Sign up" button. You will be prompted to write a short paragraph to describe why you want to be a QUber/QLyft and why you would like to escort a particular visitor.