Doped Monolayer

Tuning of Electronic and Photonic Properties of monolayer MoS2 via doping

  • By Leena Aggarwal
  • 7 March 2018

The development of doping studies has provided an efficient route to tune and improve the properties of the 2D materials. However, the impact of the doping on the structural, electronic, and photonic properties of in situ-doped monolayers remains unanswered due to challenges including strong film substrate charge transfer and difficulty to achieve doping concentrations greater than 0.3 at%. Recently, Susan Fullerton-Shirey and their colleagues have reported in situ rhenium (Re) doped synthetic monolayer MoS2 with ≈1 at% Re, in the Journal of Advanced Functional Materials. They have also discussed the structural and photonic response of doped monolayer MoS2.