Fall 2022

Alex Jones Receives Kaufman Foundation Grant Award

  • By Jennifer Zheng
  • 21 December 2022

Congratulations to Alex Jones, who recently received a Kaufman Foundation Grant award for his research project on quantum computer architecture. Established by chemical engineer and entrepreneur Charles E. Kaufman, the foundation supports fundamental scientific research in chemistry, biology and physics at institutions throughout Pennsylvania.

Recent Articles from Prof. Peng Liu and Prof. Sunil Saxena Featured on Journal Covers

  • By Jennifer Zheng
  • 9 November 2022

A collaborative publication involving the labs of Prof. Peng Liu in the Department of Chemistry and Prof. Yang Yang from the University of California Santa Barbara was featured on the cover of a recent issue the Journal of the American Chemical Society. The joint computational and experimental study investigated the mechanism of a C(sp3)-H functionalization reaction carried out by an engineered metalloenzyme. In the course of the team’s work, they established exactly how the enzyme active site dictates the stereochemical outcome of the radical process. Collectively, the results provide important new insights into...

From the discovery of the W/Z vector bosons to that of the Higgs boson and beyond

Daniel Froidevaux
Monday, October 31, 2022 - 3:30pm

A Pitt-CMU Colloquium

Abstract: This largely historical colloquium is devoted to the evolution of experimental particle physics at colliders from the early 80s to the present, and beyond that to what is expected at the HL-LHC. I will cover my own experience from UA2 (1982-1990) to ATLAS (1984-2022) in some detail, from the discovery of the W/Z bosons at the CERN SppbarS to that of the Higgs boson at the LHC, but I will also use the measurement of the mass of the W boson as a common thread between these two experiments and those at LEP and the TeVatron.

Dr. Chandralekha Singh Receives Dwight Nicholson Medal for Outreach

  • By Jennifer Zheng
  • 25 October 2022

Chandralekha Singh received the 2022 Dwight Nicholson Medal for Outreach, which recognizes the humanitarian aspect of physics and physicists created through public lectures and public media, teaching, research, or science related activities.

She earned the medal “for work in broadening access to physics through research into removing barriers to success in the field faced by marginalized groups and how to overcome them, and addressing those challenges directly through meaningful, research-based action."

George Klinzing Receives Lifetime Achievement Award from World Assembly of Particle Technology

  • By Jennifer Zheng
  • 18 October 2022

In recognition of contributions to particle technology research, the World Assembly of Particle Technology presented University of Pittsburgh Professor George A. Klinzing with its Lifetime Achievement Award at the Ninth World Congress on Particle Technology (WCPT) in Madrid, Spain. Klinzing, who is Emeritus Professor of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering at Pitt’s Swanson School of Engineering, was feted for “a lifetime of excellence in the field of particle technology.”

WPCT is the world’s major scientific congress for particle and bulk solids technology, an international forum for research, technological development...

Landscape of Accelerators and Snowmass’21 Planning for Future

Vladimir Shiltsev
Monday, October 17, 2022 - 3:30pm

A Pitt/CMU Colloquium

Abstract: For over half a century, high-energy particle accelerators have been a major enabling technology for particle and nuclear physics research as well as sources of X-rays for photon science research in material science, chemistry and biology. We will briefly review recent advances of the accelerator community to increase the energy and improve the performance of accelerators, reduce their cost, and make them more power efficient.

Numerous ideas and proposals of future accelerators were discussed in the course of the “...

Kevin Chen and Paul Ohondicki Win 2022 R&D 100 Award

  • By Jennifer Zheng
  • 29 August 2022

NuSense Technology — High Spatial Resolution Optical Sensors for Harsh Environments, an innovation developed through a collaboration between the University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering with the U.S. Department of Energy National Energy Technology Lab (NETL) as co-developer, was one of the recipients of the prestigious 2022 R&D 100 Award from R&D Magazine...

Chandralekha Singh Invited for Two Presentations at the 100th Birthday of International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP)

  • By Jennifer Zheng
  • 29 August 2022

Chandralekha Singh, Distinguished Professor of Physics and Director of the Discipline-Based Science Education Research Center (dB-SERC), was invited to present at the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) Centennial Symposium at the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste, Italy in two different sessions that focused on Physics Education for the 21st Century and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Physics. The mission of IUPAP that celebrated its 100th birthday at the Centennial Symposium in Trieste is to assist in the worldwide development of physics and foster international cooperation in physics.