Quantum materials

Department of Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh
Ph.D., Louisiana State University, 2020

Dr. Xin Gui is an assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh. He received his Ph.D. degree from Louisiana State University with Prof. Weiwei Xie and did his postdoc work with Prof. Robert J. Cava at Princeton University. As a solid-state chemistry people, his work is mainly about design and synthesis of novel quantum materials in chemistry ways, such as superconductors, magnetic topological materials, quantum spin liquids, etc. Moreover, connecting these new quantum materials with real-life applications (quantum computers, spintronic devices, heterogeneous catalysis etc.) is another major direction of his research.

Selected Publications: 
  1. “LaIr 3 Ga 2 : A Superconductor based on a Kagome Lattice of Ir.” Gui, X.; Cava, R. J. Chem. Mater. 
  2. “Ferromagnetic Cr 4 PtGa 17 : A Half-Heusler-Type Compound with a Breathing Pyrochlore Lattice.” Gui, X.; Feng, E.; Cao, H.; Cava, R. J. J. Am. Chem. Soc.
  3. “A Novel Magnetic Material by Design: Observation of Yb 3+ with Spin-1/2 in Yb x Pt 5 P.” Gui, X.; Chang, T.-R.; Wei, K.; Daum, M. J.; Graf, D. E.; Baumbach, R. E.; Mourigal, M.; Xie, W. ACS Cent. Sci.
  4. “Design and Synthesis of a New Layered Rare-Earth-Free Ferromagnet: MnPt5 As.” Gui, X.; Xie, W. Chem. Mater.
  5. “A New Magnetic Topological Quantum Material Candidate by Design.” Gui, X.; Pletikosic, I.; Cao, H.; Tien, H.J.; Xu, X.; Zhong, R.; Wang, G.; Chang, T.R.; Jia, S.; Valla, T.; Xie, W.; Cava, R. J. ACS Cent. Sci.
Most Cited Publications
  1. "A new magnetic topological quantum material candidate by design." Xin Gui, Ivo Pletikosic, Huibo Cao, Hung-Ju Tien, Xitong Xu, Ruidan Zhong, Guangqiang Wang, Tay-Rong Chang, Shuang Jia, Tonica Valla, Weiwei Xie, Robert J Cava. ACS Central Science.
  2. "Crystal growth and quantum oscillations in the topological chiral semimetal CoSi." Xitong Xu, Xirui Wang, Tyler A. Cochran, Daniel S. Sanchez, Guoqing Chang, Ilya Belopolski, Guangqiang Wang, Yiyuan Liu, Hung-Ju Tien, Xin Gui, Weiwei Xie, M. Zahid Hasan, Tay-Rong Chang, and Shuang Jia. Physical Review B.
  3. "Magnetic order induces symmetry breaking in the single-crystalline orthorhombic CuMnAs semimetal." Eve Emmanouilidou, Huibo Cao, Peizhe Tang, Xin Gui, Chaowei Hu, Bing Shen, Junyi Wu, Shou-Cheng Zhang, Weiwei Xie, Ni Ni. Physical Review B.
  4. "Enhanced anomalous Hall effect in the magnetic topological semimetal Co3Sn2-xInxS2." Huibin Zhou, Guoqing Chang, Guangqiang Wang, Xin Gui, Xitong Xu, Jia-Xin Yin, Zurab Guguchia, Songtian S. Zhang, Tay-Rong Chang, Hsin Lin, Weiwei Xie, M. Zahid Hasan, and Shuang Jia. Physical Review B.
  5. "Quantum oscillation evidence for a topological semimetal phase in ZrSnTe." Jin Hu, Yanglin Zhu, Xin Gui, David Graf, Zhijie Tang, Weiwei Xie, Zhiqiang Mao. Physical Review B.  
Recent Publications
  1. "Multiple mobile excitons manifested as sidebands in quasi-one-dimensional metallic TaSe3." Junzhang Ma, Simin Nie, Xin Gui, Muntaser Naamneh, Jasmin Jandke, Chuanying Xi, Jinglei Zhang, Tian Shang, Yimin Xiong, Itzik Kapon, Neeraj Kumar, Yona Soh, Daniel Gosálbez-Martínez, Oleg V Yazyev, Wenhui Fan, Hannes Hübener, Umberto De Giovannini, Nicholas Clark Plumb, Milan Radovic, Michael Andreas Sentef, Weiwei Xie, Zhijun Wang, Christopher Mudry, Markus Müller, Ming Shi. Nature Materials.
  2. "Metal-Insulator Transition and Anomalous Lattice Parameters Changes in Ru-doped VO2." Xin Gui, Robert J Cava. arXiv preprint arXiv:2203.14160
  3. "Twist-angle effects on the quantum transport in twisted bilayer WTe2 devices." Yue Tang, Yanyu Jia, Pengjie Wang, Guo Yu, Ratnadwip Singha, Xin Gui, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Robert Cava, Leslie Schoop, Sanfeng Wu. Bulletin of the American Physical Society
  4. "Characterization and Quantum Transport of Small-Angle Twisted Bilayer WTe2." Guo Yu, Pengjie Wang, Yanyu Jia, Xin Gui, Ratnadwip Singha, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Leslie Schoop, Robert Cava, Sanfeng Wu. Bulletin of the American Physical Society.
  5. "A New Superconductor with Ir Kagome Lattice." Xin Gui, Robert Cava. Bulletin of the American Physical Society

FOA: FY2018 Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship

  • By Aude Marjolin
  • 21 June 2017

The Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship (VBFF) program is sponsored by the Basic Research Office, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (ASD (R&E)). VBFF supports innovative basic research within academia, as well as opportunities intended to develop the next generation of scientists and engineers for the defense workforce.
VBFF is oriented towards bold and ambitious “blue sky” research that may lead to extraordinary outcomes such as revolutionizing entire disciplines, creating entirely new fields, or disrupting accepted theories and perspectives.

Fundamentals of Quantum Materials Winter School (January 16-19, 2017)

  • By Aude Marjolin
  • 9 November 2016

The inaugural Fundamentals of Quantum Materials Winter School will be held at the University of Maryland, January 16-19, 2017 at the University of Maryland, College Park, MD.

This school, sponsored by ICAM and the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation, is aimed at providing fundamental training to our current and future generations of Quantum Materials scientists in synthesis and characterization techniques. It will bring together senior and junior scientists to address topics at the forefront of current research into quantum materials, while also providing pedagogical background and practical training for junior scientists. With an interdisciplinary and diverse crowd including physicists, chemists, and materials scientists, participants will gain a basic functional knowledge of how to plan and carry out synthesis relevant to the study of quantum materials, and will have a unique opportunity to interact with some of the top researchers in the field while networking with fellow peers.