Topological phenomena

Spin Dynamics of Topological Spin Textures in Chiral Magnets

Emrah Turgut
Thursday, January 25, 2018 - 4:30pm to 5:30pm

The chiral spin textures are a consequence of the anti-symmetric exchange interaction, which presents in the material systems with broken inversion symmetry, such as B20FeGe. This interaction enables chiral magnetic order, including topologically non-trivial magnetic skyrmions, which display rich new magnetic phenomena and require low critical current densities to manipulate.  This makes magnetic skyrmions a promising platform for power-efficient spintronics applications. Therefore, a deeper understanding of the static and dynamic magnetic properties of these materials...

Department of Physics, Carnegie Mellon University
Ph.D., Physics, University of Texas at Austin, 2007

My research interests lie in quantum condensed matter theory. One major direction of my research is to understand and predict material properties (transport, magnetic, and optical) from the viewpoint of Berry phase and topology. In particular, I’m interested in topological phenomena arising from spin-orbit coupling and many-body interactions. These phenomena are often characterized by novel electromagnetic responses, which may be useful for applications in quantum electronics and quantum computing.

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