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TLDR s02e11: seminar by Dr. Venkat Gopalan from Penn State, PQI’s first ever zoombombing experience, talks by Keith Bowman and Junghoon Jahng, Quantum 2020, a physics/epidemiology crossover and Google’s Sycamore solving chemical problems.

tldr s02e10: non-stop talks this week with Arthur Davidson, Shaowei Li, and Greg Fuchs; PQI members Gurudev Dutt and Tom Purdy selected as Innovare Advancement Center’s “Million Dollar International Quantum U Tech Accelerator” finalists; Neil deGrasse Tyson throws shade as keynote speaker.

TLDER S02E09: James Freericks talks about quantum without calculus, register for quantum conferences via PQI, paper highlight by Vincent Sokalski and collaborators, and AIP Andrew Gemant Award winner Geraldine Cox.

ACM workshop playlist:

Prof Sokalski's paper: 

More on Geraldine Cox:

TLDR s02e08: PQI2020 seminar series finale, International Ultrafast Knowledge Coffee House featuring Dr. Alfred Zong from UC Berkeley, and two big publications from members in chemistry!

Scott Aaronson Public lecture:

International Ultrafast Knowledge Coffee House:

 Reeja Jayan and Nathan Nakamura’s publication:

Rongchao Jin, Giannis Mpourmpakis, and Nathaniel Rosi’s article:

TLDR s02e07: Scott Aaronson's public lecture, the International Coffee House by Dr. Hrvoje Petek, Analog Computational Methods Workshop organized by Dr. David Snoke and Dr. Vincent Liu, student seminars and John Keith's article in Interface.

Watch Scott Aaronson's public lecture:

CMU's theoretical physics seminars:

John Keith's Interface article:

TLDR S02E06: Last summer seminar featuring So Hirata, student seminar proposal, Scott Aaronson pre-lecture interview, an ACS publication by Yingwei Li and Rongchao Jin and QIS meets...fossil energy??

Public Lecture:

Interview with Scott Aaronson:

Yingwei Li and Rongchao Jin's ACS paper:

NETL Fossil Energy and QIS Workshop:

TLDR S02E05: PQI2020 Week 7, featured speaker Chris Van de Walle from UC Santa Barbara and Linda Peteanu from CMU, NSF funding award to Wissam Saidi, ACS Fellow Dave Waldeck, Scott Aaronson’s blog, and Fall semester plans!

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S2E4: Week 6 of PQI Quantum Summer will focus on quantum optics, paper highlight featuring Roger Mong, Scott Aaronson takes on popsci (and pop non-sci), and a new Nature publication on quantum tunneling time.

PQI seminar:
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Roger Mong & collaborators new paper: PhysRevLett.125.030601
Scott Aaronson on Endgame physics:

UoT quantum tunneling article:

TLDR S02E03: Week 5 of PQI Summer Seminar Series; congrats to Noa and Reeja at CMU; highlighted publication on vibrational spectroscopy!

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