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TLDR S02E03: Week 5 of PQI Summer Seminar Series; congrats to Noa and Reeja at CMU; highlighted publication on vibrational spectroscopy!

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Sean Garrett-Roe and collaborator's publication in Chemical Reviews:

This week in PQI: Celebrating our international members, calling for virtual lab tours and a special DOUBLE highlight feature.

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Telluride lecture series:

How to Tie a Quantum knot:

Emergent Superconductivity:

Topological superconductivity in hybrid devices:

Pre-formed Cooper pairs:

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Quantum Healing (for skeptics):

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This week in PQI: PQI GSR Awardees; PQI2020 Quantum Chemistry Headlined by Heather Kulik; 

GSR Awardees:
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PQI2020 Week 3 Quantum Chemistry:
Paper Highlight:
Quantum Fishing??

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This week in PQI: PQI June Social Hour; PQI2020 Quantum Computing Headlined by Fred Chong; Telluride Lectures; 2 Truths and 1 Lie

PQI June Social Hour:
PQI2020 Week 2: Quantum Computing with Fred Chong and Friends:
Telluride Lectures:
James McKone receives Beckman Young Investigator Award:
Chem Rev article from Petek group:
Quantum Bioshield:

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This week in PQI: kick-off for so many summer talks; Amir Yacoby headlines PQI2020 Remote Lecture Series; Telluride Lectures; PQI Breakdown with Andrew Daley and Peyman Givi.

PQI2020 Week 1:
Telluride Lectures:
PQI Breakdown w/ Andrew Daley and Peyman Givi:
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This week in PQI: 8-bit social hour; Hideo Mabuchi reminder; Congratulations Nathan Youngblood and Feng Xiong on NSF success!

8-bit social hour:
Hideo Mabuchi Interview:
Hideo Mabuchi Livestream:
Youngblood and Xiong awarded NSF funding:

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This week in PQI: Hideo Mabuchi; PQI2020 Summer Seminar series; Telluride Summer Lectures; OSA Quantum Roadmap.

Hideo Mabuchi Interview:
PQI2020 Summer Seminar Series:
Telluride Summer Lectures:
OSA Quantum Roadmap:

Music: Modest Mouse, Gravity Rides Everything

This week in PQI: Research restart; Shreya Ghosh

Research Restart:
Shreya Ghosh:

This week in quantum: quantum(a)palooza, Minh Vo interview, quantum viruses, Saving Zoe.

Minh Vo:
Quantum Viruses:
Worldline contact tracing: google: