PQI Seminar: Dr. Venkat Gopalan

Dr. Venkat Gopalan from Pennsylvania State University gave a talk titled "Antisymmetry: Fundamentals and Applications" in the Pittsburgh Quantum Institute Fall Seminar series on Sept. 17th, 2020.

Abstract: Symmetry is fundamental to understanding our physical world. An antisymmetry operation switches between two different states of a trait, such as two time-states, position-states, charge-states, spin-states, chemical-species etc. This talk will cover the fundamental concept of antisymmetry, with brief mentions of two well-established antisymmetries, namely spatial inversion in point groups and time reversal. Then it will introduce two new ones, namely, distortion reversal and wedge reversion. The distinction between classical and quantum mechanical descriptions of time reversal will be discussed. Applications of these antisymmetries will be presented such as crystallography, property tensors, transition state theory, magnetic structures, ferroelectric and multiferroic switching, and classifying physical quantities in arbitrary dimensions.