Nicole Benedek

Talk Details
Wednesday, April 5, 2017 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
Benedum Hall 102

I will discuss recent research from my group on the use of theory and computation to understand and predict the ionic and thermal transport properties of ABO3 perovskite oxides, which display myriad fascinating physical properties. The details of the origin of these properties (how they arise from the structure of the material) are often complicated, but in many cases it is possible to rationalize trends in properties as a function of crystal chemistry using simple descriptors. Is it possible to identify simple guidelines or ‘rules of thumb’ that link structure and chemistry to the ionic and thermal transport properties of perovskites? I will focus on our recent research on addressing several open questions related to the ionic and thermal transport properties of complex oxides, including understanding the role of phonons in assisting oxide ion transport in layered perovskites, elucidating the mechanisms of thermal transport in perovskites to enable design and dynamic control of thermal transport properties, and exploring light-matter interactions in perovskites to optically control thermal, electronic and magnetic properties on short timescales.


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