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PQI Members Receive 2017 Kaufman Awards

  • By Burcu Ozden
  • 8 August 2017

The Charles E. Kaufman Foundation, a supporting organization of The Pittsburgh Foundation, has awarded eight grants totaling $1.8 million to support research at Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Pittsburgh, The Pennsylvania State University, Swarthmore College and University of Pennsylvania.

The Kaufman Scientific Advisory Board received 229 letters of intent from 30 academic institutions seeking funding in two categories: New Investigators and New Initiatives.

Noa Marom won a New Investigators Award, i.e., a grant of $150,000 for two years ($75,000 per year), for research on “Singlet Fission: Deriving Fundamental Insights from Computation.”

Michael Hatridge and Roger Mong won a New Initiatives Award, i.e., a grant of $300,000 for two years ($150,000 per year) for research on “Protecting Quantum Wires for Quantum Computing.”

Chandralekha Singh Leads the US Team at the 6th International Conference on Women in Physics

  • By Aude Marjolin
  • 8 August 2017

Chandralekha Singh was one of the two team leaders of the US delegation to the 6th International conference on Women in Physics (ICWIP) in Birmingham, UK, in July 2017. She is also a co-editor of the American Institute of Physics Proceedings for this ICWIP 2017 conference to be published in 2018. This picture of Dr. Singh is with Malala Yousafzai, a Nobel peace prize winner, who was a presenter at the conference and Shamima Choudhury, a Physicist from Bangladesh. 

Computational Study of Ni-Catalyzed C−H Functionalization: Factors That Control the Competition of Oxidative Addition and Radical Pathways

  • By Aude Marjolin
  • 2 August 2017

To guide the development of a more diverse set of Ni-catalyzed C−H bond functionalizations, a thorough understanding of the mechanisms, reactivity, and selectivity of these reactions is required. Peng Liu and his student Humair Omer have undertaken a computational study of the functionalization of the C−H bonds in molecules that contain the N,N-bidentate directing group with Ni catalyst and various coupling  partners, e.g. phenyl iodide (Ph−I), which has been published in the July 26, 2017 issue of the Journal of the American Chemical Society.


Perovskite-based solar cells and imaging quasicrystal structure in nanoparticles

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Fri, Aug 18 2017 15:24:57

An electronic nematic state in a superconductor, intense fluorescence of Au20, and determining complementary properties of quantum clones

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Thu, Aug 17 2017 16:12:27

Unprecedented spin transport efficiency at room temperature and a neural decoder for topological codes

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Tue, Aug 15 2017 15:16:22

Exotic quantum states made from light, a Janus monolayer transition-metal dichalcogenide, and multipath interference using large molecules

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Mon, Aug 14 2017 16:09:10

Ground-to-satellite quantum teleportation, coexistence of superconductivity and "charge-density-waves", and direct calculation of the linear thermal expansion coefficients of MoS2

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Thu, Aug 10 2017 15:02:35