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Member Institutions & Industrial Partners

University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh offers quantum science and engineering educational and research opportunities for undergraduates, graduates, and postdocs.  We are a large $1Bn+ Carnegie R1 research university, with quantum faculty collaborating from our physics, chemistry, mechanical and materials science, electrical engineering, and computer sciences schools.  Students studying here are now working as faculty across the globe, and as staff at quantum computing companies such as IBM and Google.

Carnegie Mellon University

At Carnegie Mellon University, faculty, students, and postdocs work in quantum-related research with topics ranging from quantum materials, quantum electronics, and quantum theory/computation. For quantum-related research, we have faculty collaborating from our physics, materials science & engineering, electrical & computer engineering, and computer science departments. 

Duquesne University

Founded by the Congregation of the Holy Spirit, Duquesne University is the only Spiritan institution of higher education in the United States. We share the Spiritans' deep commitment to educational excellence, moral and spiritual values, an ecumenical atmosphere open to diversity, and service to the Church, the community, the nation, and the world.  Duquesne has an R2 Carnegie classification with quantum-related programs in chemistry, physics, and engineering.

Naval Nuclear Laboratory

Staff at the Naval Nuclear Lab are exploring the use of quantum technologies for its many mission areas, leveraging the research performed by faculty, staff, and students at the PQI’s supporting institutions.