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Shared Facilities

Dietrich School Machine Shop - Pitt

The Dietrich School Machine Shop ensures the high-quality design, fabrication, and repair of equipment and instrumentation.  The shop specializes in both CNC and traditional machining across of variety of materials and is involved in the design and fabrication of diverse equipment to specification, including ultrahigh vacuum systems, high-pressure vessels, and specialized measurement devices. The shop is located on Pitt's campus.

Machine Shop Supervisor, Shawn Artman

Laboratory for Advanced Materials at Pittsburgh - Pitt

The Laboratory for Advanced Materials at Pittsburgh (LAMP) under the direction of Professor Paul W. Leu, focuses on designing and understanding advanced materials by computational modeling and experimental research. Simulations and experiments are used in a synergistic manner to study the mechanical, chemical, and electronic properties of nanomaterials and surfaces for various applications. LAMP is located on Pitt's campus.

Principal Investigator, Paul W. Leu

Nanoscale Fabrication and Characterization Facility - Pitt

The NFCF supports the fabrication and characterization of nanoscale materials and structures, and the integration of devices at all length scales. The facility houses advanced equipment with core nano-level (20 nm or below) capability for fabrication and characterization, including an electron-beam lithography system, dual-beam system, plasma etching, thin film deposition, TEM, multifunctional scanning probe station, modular XRD, and more. NFCF is located on Pitt's campus.

Academic Director, David Waldeck

Technical Director, Esta Abelev

Electronics Shop - Pitt

The main Electronics Shop is located in Eberly Hall. The shop provides high-quality design, fabrication, and repair of equipment and instrumentation. The Electronics Shop’s staff maintains and repairs a wide variety of equipment. They also can design and construct circuit boards, controllers, and interfaces.  The main Electronics Shop also stocks many electronics parts. 

Shop Supervisor, David Emala

Claire & John Bertucci Nanotechnology Laboratory - CMU

The Claire and John Bertucci Nanotechnology Laboratory is a premier research facility in Western Pennsylvania and the “Tech-Belt” (PA-OH-WV) region. Located in Carnegie Mellon University’s Sherman and Joyce Bowie Scott Hall, the "Nanofab" houses more than 100 processing and characterization tools maintained by highly qualified technical staff members and is responsible for more than $10M/year in cutting-edge research.

Faculty Director, Gianluca Piazza

Executive Director, Matthew Moneck

Equipment Manager, Mark Weiler

Materials Characterization Facility - CMU

Located on CMU's campus, the Materials Characterization Facility, opened in 1998, is a world-class, multiuser facility for the structural and chemical characterization of materials using methods including electron microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, and x-ray diffraction. The software developed in this facility enables researchers across the globe to quantitatively analyze their data. 

Managing Director, Betsy Clark

Faculty Director, Marc De Graef

The Center for Molecular Analysis - CMU

The Center for Molecular Analysis (CMA) features modern high-performance analytical instruments for use by researchers both at CMU and external to CMU such as at the University of Pittsburgh and industry. The CMA instruments are available to trained user-operators 24 hours/day and sample drop-off is also offered for mass spectrometry.

Director, Prof. Mark E. Bier

TechSpark Machine Shop - CMU

TechSpark is Carnegie Mellon University’s focal point for technology innovation. This facility provides equipment for rapid prototyping of designs from idea to reality for educational, extracurricular, and research activities. It is a hands-on learning and exploration space that is available for current students, faculty, and staff of the College of Engineering and their collaborators across campus.

Shop Manager, Ed Wojciechowski