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Governance and Committees

PQI is an organization pursuing quantum science and engineering in Pittsburgh.  Like the field itself, PQI faculty are highly interdisciplinary, with members coming from departments and schools such as Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, and Computer Science at the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, and Duquesne University.  PQI operates by a set of bylaws, and is led by two co-directors and executive director, who are advised by a steering committee and supported by an admin and other committees, listed below. 

Co-Director: Michael Hatridge

Co-Director: Benjamin Hunt

Executive Director: Rob Cunningham

Administrator: Krista Zottola

Steering Committee

            The PQI Steering committee purpose and structure is defined by the bylaws.  It advises the Director and Executive Director on PQI activities and finances, including, but not limited to, awarding visiting scholar and postdoctoral fellowship positions, research awards and travel grants, and projects originating within the Center.  It works with the Director and Executive Director to stand up external committees and supports the activities of the organization.

            The Steering Committee meets twice a year.

External Advisory Committee

headshot of Dr. Andrew Daley

            The External Advisory Committee seeks to Increase (directly via board membership) the national and international awareness of PQI, its activities and its strengths, foster connections to other major centers in quantum science and technologies, provide advice on future directions, including opportunities for new interdisciplinary research directions and education programs, as well and relevant visitors/speakers/external contacts, and further enhance the scientific standing of PQI and impact of PQI activities through well-respected external advice.

            The Committee meets twice a year, including in-person at PQI events or online.  It provides the director and executive director with a yearly assessment of PQI and advice on current status and opportunities.  Finally, it offers advice on seminar speakers and speakers for the annual PQI event

Seminar Series Committee


          The seminar committee seeks to raise awareness of important new results by established and rising quantum science and engineering experts, encouraging information sharing and establishing new connections.  Speakers come from the local region as well as national and international organizations, and speakers are encouraged to meet and discuss new ideas and potential for new collaborations.  Seminars occur weekly during the fall and spring semesters.

          The committee meets approximately twice a year to select speakers.  Membership comes from multiple disciplines and multiple universities, as the field is broad.

Industry Outreach Committee

            The industry outreach committee seeks to connect professionals in industry with leading experts in the field of quantum technology, bridging the gap between academia and industry. Local industry can partner with PQI and become an Industrial Sponsor. These partnerships allow for collaborative research, networking opportunities, visibility and recognition, and access to cutting-edge research. 

Student & Postdoc Seminar Committee

            The Student and Postdoc Seminar committee energizes, unifies, and promotes quantum science and engineering across PQI’s member universities.  Students present their work to each other, ensuring broad awareness of research being performed in our region.  We also set aside some time to network with friends and colleagues, so that new research ideas will be developed and explored across schools and universities.

            We meet weekly, and typically one of our members presents their research, gaining valuable practice and visibility.  We provide a friendly, inclusive forum for testing out new ideas with our peers.

Social Media Coordination Committee

            Our Social Media Coordination Committee contributes to PQI's social media presence through channels including LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. News about PQI events and seminars are updated on these online social platforms. It also serves as a first destination for developing PQI website materials, giving followers the inside scoop on PQI discoveries, including local research, opportunities and information about joining PQI. These efforts enhance PQI's visibility and recognition, as well as the networking opportunities and quality of programming for PQI members.

            The committee meets weekly online. The members come from multiple research backgrounds.