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Faculty Labs - Pitt

Dutt Research Lab

In Professor Gurudev Dutt's lab, research focuses on the quantum control of condensed matter systems. His lab contains two optical setups with the ability to take photoluminescence images both at room and cryogenic temperatures as well as a magnetic measurement area. It is located on the second floor of Old Engineering Hall at the University of Pittsburgh.


Visit the Hatlab, which is located in Old Engineering Hall on the Pitt campus.
Professor Michael Hatridge's lab contains a fabrication area with a custom aluminum evaporator for Josephson junction fabrication and a measurement area with a full suite of microwave characterization tools and dilution refrigerators, where the group develops techniques to create, manipulate, and measure microwave light and use it to entangle larger quantum systems


Dr. Jeremy Levy's LevyLab, spans two floors of the Van de Graaff Building on the Pitt campus. The mission of the Levy Research Group is to explore novel phenomena in solid-state systems in order to provide the physical foundation for future technologies.

Nanoionics and Electronics Laboratory

Susan Fullerton's Nanoionics and Electronics Laboratory is located in 813 Benedum Hall on the Pitt campus.
The mission of the Fullerton research group is to establish a fundamental understanding of ion-electron transport at the molecular level, and use this knowledge to design next-generation electronic devices at the limit of scaling for memory, logic, and energy storage.