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Alumni Hall

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Quantum quench and nonequilibrium dynamics in lattice-confined spinor Bose-Einstein condensates
Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) are ultra-cold gases, in which all atoms have a single collective wavefunction for their spatial degrees of freedom. With an additional spin degree of freedom, spinor BECs constitute a collective quantum system offering an unprecedented degree of control over such parameters as spin, density, temperature, and the dimensionality of the system. Spinor BECs have thus been considered as good quantum simulators for verifying and optimizing condensed matter models. In this talk, I ...
Talk location: 102 Thaw Hall Seminar Fall 2019
Yingmei Liu
Oklahoma State University
Joshua Folk (UBC @Vancouver)
Talk location: 102 Thaw Hall Colloquium Fall 2019
Joshua Folk
University of British Columbia, Vancouver
Thoroughly Modern Zeno: The Arrow, Quantum Mechanically
In the 5th century BCE, Zeno of Elea devised dozens of arguments against the possibilities of motion, change, and plurality. The loveliest of these, the Arrow Paradox, is briefly stated: "The flying arrow is motionless." In 1970, Wes Salmon published an anthology devoted to Zeno's Paradoxes and amply demonstrating their capacity to reward scrutiny from the perspectives afforded by mathematics and physics as they themselves move forward. Wes's introduction to that anthology was my first ...
Talk location: Cathedral of Learning 1008 Fall 2019 Seminar Philosophy
Laura Ruetsche
University of Michigan
Benjamin Lawrie (ORNL)
Talk location: 321 Allen Hall Seminar Fall 2019
Benjamin Lawrie
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
From solids with topology to black holes and back
Inclusion of topological phenomena in condensed matter physics over the past 10 years ushered a new era in this field. As a result of the groundbreaking theoretical insights entire new classes of materials with exotic properties have been discovered, including topological insulators, Dirac and Weyl semimetals as well as topological superconductors containing Majorana fermions. In this talk I will review these developments and discuss an intriguing connection noticed recently by Kitaev between one such topological ...
Talk location: 102 Thaw Hall Colloquium Fall 2019
Marcel Franz
University of British Columbia, Vancouver
Diagnosing quantum chaos in many-body systems using entanglement
Classical chaotic systems exhibit exponentially diverging trajectories due to small differences in their initial state. The analogous diagnostic in quantum many-body systems is an exponential growth of out-of-time-ordered correlation functions (OTOCs). These quantities can be computed for various models, but their experimental study requires the ability to evolve quantum states backward in time, similar to the canonical Loschmidt echo measurement. In some simple systems, backward time evolution can be achieved by reversing the sign of ...
Talk location: 321 Allen Hall Seminar Fall 2019
Marcel Franz
University of British Columbia, Vancouver
Chromophore Packing and Singlet Fission Rates
Results of a theoretical examination of the effect of crystal packing on singlet fission (SF) rate are presented. For a model system (pair of ethylenes) and several known or suspected SF materials: tetracene ( 1 ), cibalackrot ( 2 ), and 1,3-diphenylisobenzofuran ( 3 ), we predict molecular pair arrangements that are especially favorable for the rate of SF. The predictions are obtained from an approximate evaluation of squares of SF eectronic matrix elements, based ...
Talk location: 321 Allen Hall Seminar Fall 2019
Josef Michl
University of Colorado Boulder
Xiayun Zhao (University of Pittsburgh)
Talk location: 321 Allen Hall Seminar Fall 2019
Xiayun Zhao
University of Pittsburgh
James Williams (University of Maryland)
Talk location: 321 Allen Hall Spring 2020 Seminar
James Williams
University of Maryland
Andrea Cavalleri (Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter)
Talk location: 102 Thaw Hall Colloquium
Andrea Cavalleri
Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter
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