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Call for Event Participants: Quantum-Enabled Technologies


Quantum-Enabled Technologies

University of Arizona (Tucson) | March 19-20, 2024

This visioning event will convene top researchers from various sectors to discuss and articulate the engineering research roadmap with the highest potential for positive societal impact in quantum enabled technologies. 

The goal of ERVA's visioning events is to create roadmaps for near- and long-term engineering research opportunities with the highest potential for positive societal impact.

This event is intended for transdisciplinary experts and includes quantum information science, quantum computing, and (technology-specific) engineering communities (e.g., bioengineering, space science, photonics, quantum computing, and analog very large-scale integration [VLSI]). This is an opportunity for you to impact the nation’s engineering research priorities in this important topic.


While quantum computing has gained significant scientific and public attention at the theory and prototype levels, it lacks the engineering required to enable scalable, practical, field-deployable quantum systems to achieve an impact on society. Multidisciplinary engineering research is needed to develop deployable quantum sensors for bio-sensing and bio-engineering applications, AI-inspired techniques for near-term realizable scalable quantum processors for hardware platforms, semiconductor properties and materials for quantum processors, and computing to solve high-value, open problems in the field.  

Four key areas will be explored:

  • Quantum and biology;
  • Quantum and materials;
  • Quantum and AI; and
  • Quantum and computing.

ERVA is now accepting nominations for visioning event participants. Nominees are strongly encouraged to provide a short statement on where engineering resources are most needed to enable quantum led technologies in the key areas. Please follow the link below to nominate yourself or a colleague.


The Engineering Research Visioning Alliance (ERVA), an initiative funded by the National Science Foundation Engineering Directorate, will host a visioning event to roadmap critical areas of engineering that can have a significant impact. The goal is to identify specific engineering research directions with the potential for the greatest return on investment that are nascent or require additional exploration.


This is an in-person visioning event for one and a half days.

Decisions regarding nominee invitations to participate will be guided by the overall objective of ensuring a successful visioning event. Following a review of nominations, ERVA will notify candidates who are selected to participate. This could also include further contributions during or beyond the scope of the visioning event. Those nominees not selected for this event will be considered, as appropriate, for future ERVA visioning events and other activities.