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Hrvoje Petek Edits and Publishes in Progress in Surface Science's Latest Issue

Hrvoje Petek

Congratulations to Hrvoje Petek, PQI member and professor at the University of Pittsburgh Department of Physics and Astronomy, for his recent editorial work and research publication in Progress in Surface Science, Volume 98, Issue 3.

Petek served as the Editor-in-Chief for the article titled "Interplay of Electron-Photon and Electron-Plasmon Interactions at Surfaces: Photonics and Plasmonics in Juxtaposition." This article explores the intricate relationship between phenomena in photonics and plasmonics research and introduces two additional works in the journal.

Furthermore, Petek authored the publication "Plasmonic Decay into Hot Electrons in Silver." In this study, he explores optical interactions with metal surfaces, discussing the intricacies of plasmonic decay into hot electrons. This research sheds light on the quantum transitions and momentum scattering processes that occur when light at optical frequencies interacts with single crystal silver surfaces.